“Mark Green and Michele Jolin look to 2009 as the beginning of an era of renewal and progressive governance in America. Change for America presciently and insightfully offers specific ideas for what our next President can do to revitalize our nation and restore our standing abroad.” — President Bill Clinton

It was an election about change, but how will that change actually happen?

The result of a collaboration between the Center for American Progress Action Fund (the advocacy arm of Washington’s leading-edge progressive think-tank led) and the New Democracy Project’s Mark Green, this comprehensive volume is written by over sixty leading policymakers, scholars and advocates.

Based on four core values — of democracy, security through diplomacy, opportunity and a greener world — Change for America offers scores of solutions how to repair our broken government and create an enduring progressive era.

“The Center for American Progress Action Fund and Mark Green have assembled some of our nation’s best minds, and their best ideas, into a book is packed with innovative, practical, and progressive solutions that will help take America in a New Direction.” — Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“These thoughtful essays offer a progressive way forward for the vast majority of Americans who hope their government works for the many, not just the few.” — Senator Ted Kennedy

“We don’t just need a transition — we need a transformation. Mark Green and Michele Jolin’s encyclopedia of change offers a brilliant roadmap for the 44th President.” — Senator John Kerry

“This is one of the most important books to be published this year. It’s a handbook for restoring the New Deal’s social compact with our citizens over the first ‘100 Days’ and the next 1360.” — James Roosevelt, Jr.

Change for America is brilliant, timely and practical and teems with hard earned wisdom and common sense.” — Michael Eric Dyson

What's Inside

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