A hilariously informative field guide to the deadliest animals on Earth from “AnimalTok” star @mndiaye_97

Ever wondered what signs might tip you off that a moose is about to subtract you? Curious about why you should be terrified of cassowaries? Questioning whether that baby hippo is really that cute or actually a homicidal maniac in the making? Yea, so was Mamadou Ndiaye… and now he's got your answers. 

Discover the ultimate countdown to death by animal, according to Ndiaye's hot takes on which deadly creature presents the worst way to die. Covering everything from animals that look terrifying but could actually cuddle you, to survival tips while facing the largest to smallest of deadly species – even if that tip is just to make peace with your higher power - 100 Animals is your authoritative guide to:
  • Spotted hyena
  • Black rhinoceros
  • Nile crocodile
  • Blue ring octopus
  • Stonefish
  • Cone snail
  • Fugu blowfish
  • Slow loris
  • Pitohui (poisonous birds)
  • Marabou stork
  • Anteater
  • Electric eel
  • Canadian geese
  • Mute swan
  • Assassin bug
  • And more. 
A perfect gift for the animal lover in your life, this dynamic, fact-filled book is perfect for backpacks and stockings, essential reading for armchair and real-world adventurers prepping to face off with creatures that go bump, scream, honk, screech, bark or crawl in the night – or day. 

What's Inside

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