The Stokes Guide to Finches of the United States and Canada

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By Lillian Q. Stokes

By Matthew A. Young

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Learn all you need to know about identifying and attracting finches with this comprehensive, gloriously colorful field guide from America’s foremost authorities on birds and nature.

Following the extraordinary finch superflight of 2020-2021, birders across the country became obsessed with finches. With The Stokes Guide to Finches of the United States and Canada, you can gain expert knowledge on these beautiful birds and bring them into your own yard. This fully illustrated guide tells you all you need to know about attracting, observing, and protecting finches.

The book also includes:

  • A special section on endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper finches, plus other rare and vagrant species
  • Detailed identification information on each finch species’ plumages, subspecies, and voice
  • The most complete and up-to-date range maps, including maps of core occurrence and irruption ranges for all red crossbill call types, which have never before been published in a guide
  • Complete life history information
  • Scientific studies on finch migrations and conservation
  • More than 345 stunning full-color photographs and over 50 range maps covering 43 species

  • “This finch guide, the latest in the remarkably long series of Stokes books for birders, breaks new ground in how seamlessly it melds field guide expectations with cutting edge ornithology, all focused on a charismatic group of birds. Brilliantly conceived, magnificently illustrated, and full of information that any birder would devour. It would not surprise me if this unique guide earns the rank of top bird book of the year. My opinion.”
    John Kricher, author of Peterson Reference Guide to Bird Behavior
  • “WOW! This gorgeously illustrated, rigorously researched, beautifully written field guide is groundbreaking! This is THE most comprehensive and engrossing book I have ever read on these fascinating, flashy, important birds. It really knocks my sox off! No nature lover should be without it.”
    Sy Montgomery, author of The Hummingbirds’ Gift and Birdology
  • "The Stokes Guide to Finches of the United States and Canada resets the bar for future avian monographs...The authors’ linguistic mastery, creative formatting of comprehensive text, engaging use of high-quality color graphics and photographs, and thoughtfully chosen anecdotal imagery make this book both a pleasure to read and a delightful compendium of information about these handsome, often song-worthy, and frequently itinerant passerines. Lillian Stokes and Matt Young have made a spectacular contribution to North American ornithology."
    Wayne R. Petersen, Director of the Important Bird Area (IBA) Program, Massachusetts Audubon Society
  • “From backyard feeders to remote wilderness peaks, finches are among the most fascinating birds in every setting. The more we learn about them, the more remarkable they become. In this new volume—detailed, accurate, and beautifully illustrated, like every Stokes guide—Lillian Stokes, a gifted communicator about the natural world, joins forces with finch expert Matthew Young to provide an essential reference for everyone curious about birds.”
    Kenn Kaufman, author of The Birds That Audubon Missed
  • “Birds of a feather? Perhaps more of a seed-seeking beak shape or propensity to show up here, there, and then disappear, marks the birds in this wonderfully unique guide. As many of us spend our winters waiting on evening grosbeaks to finally show up, Lillian Stokes and Matt Young illuminate the familiar backyard residents, rare endemics, and irruptive visitors that bird adorers will come to know better.”
    J. Drew Lanham, author of Sparrow Envy: A Field Guide to Birds and Lesser Beasts
  • “Everything a finch guide should have and so much more!...Lillian Stokes’s and Matt Young’s accounts of personal encounters with finches enlighten and inspire. A fun, in-depth dive into a wonderful family.”
    Laura Erickson, writer and producer of the For the Birds podcast and blog
  • “Who knew that the finches, that most-familiar group of backyard feeder birds, hid such mystery and exciting discovery among their noisy, colorful flocks? Lillian Stokes and Matt Young are the perfect knowledgeable guides and their wonderfully informative book lays bare many of the secrets that finches have long kept.”
    Scott Weidensaul, author of A World on the Wing
  • “More than just a ‘guide to finches,’this cutting-edge book provides guidance for better living through birds. This book is so magical, I spent an entire morning savoring the read, experiencing and reliving the sheer joy of the finches I’ve encountered in my years of noticing them. To me, this book embodies so much hope and joy, but along with those emotions, a bridge between our personal wellbeing and bird identification—something so important in truly getting to know the birds. Also striking is that this book is for everyone—from novice to expert, bundled in an incredible layout of sections and a gallery of images that are dynamic and engaging. Well done!!”
    Holly Merker, coauthor of Ornitherapy for Your Mind Body and Soul, and founder of the Mindful Birding Network

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Sep 17, 2024
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Lillian Q. Stokes

About the Author

Lillian Stokes and her husband Donald are widely recognized as America's foremost authorities on birds and nature. Their books include the bestselling Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America, the Stokes Field Guide to Birds, the Stokes Beginner's Guide to Birds, the Stokes Nature Guides, and the Stokes Backyard Nature Books. Lillian lives in New Hampshire. 


Matthew A. Young is is the President and Founder of the Finch Research Network (FiRN). For ten years he was a Regional Editor of the Kingbird, the state ornithological journal in New York, was an Adjunct Professor in Environmental Studies at SUNY-Cortland, and currently teaches Intro to Birding and Nature Observation classes for Cornell University and is the Board Chair at The Wetland Trust. He lives in New York.

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