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The city of Zamerkand is in the hands of the usurper Humbold, and the witchboy who is successor to the throne has been forced into hiding. Soldier, now commander of the mercenary army known as the Red Pavilions, meets with his captains outside the walls of the great city to plan their next move.

But Soldier has troubles of his own. The memory of his past life, which has been lost to him since his arrival in this strange land, is about to return. For when his sword is reunited with its scabbard, the song it sings will tell him of a feud driven by murder, betrayal and bloodshed – and the ancient enemy that still stalks him.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


A fresh and welcome departure from the stale, high fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons-based fake medievalism that chokes so much of the genre—INFINITY PLUS
Sets itself apart right from the outset ... with an opening paragraph littered with colours vivid enough to bring the city of Zamerkand to instant life—STARBURST
One of last year's unexpected delights ... rollicking fantasy adventure—DREAMWATCH
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