Identify, Understand, and Cope with PTSD and Emotional Stress


By Kati Morton, LMFT

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We hear the terms trauma and PTSD more and more. Yet many people still believe that trauma can only result from experiences that are particularly extreme. But trauma is an emotional response that can stem from a wide variety of upsetting experiences, leaving us feeling anxious, weighed down by negative emotions or memories, or feeling like we lack security. 
As a licensed therapist, Kati Morton addresses this challenge: If we don’t have an understanding of trauma and how it’s defined, how can we work to overcome it? The urgency of meeting this challenge increases at a time when we are bombarded with a constant flow of frightening stories—about global pandemics, ecological disasters, riots, and mass shootings—that can trigger our emotional stress. We must find a balance between staying connected to the world on social media while avoiding the false facts, hate-filled comments, and passive-aggressive posts and accounts that feed negative thoughts. In Traumatized, Morton shares a unique perspective on trauma in the modern age, including:
  • Tips to be more mindful of what we do and who we follow online, which is the key to improving our relationship with social media and stop spreading the trauma
  • Helpful therapeutic techniques to heal from childhood trauma
  • Skills to identify transgenerational trauma and begin to break harmful cycles in your home
  • Whether to seek therapy or counseling.
Ultimately, you’ll learn how to identify and cope with your triggers, pay attention to how platforms and accounts can harm your mental health, and find the tools to manage what you can see online.

  • "With omnipresent social media and the constant bombardment of news and information, developing a healthy sense of self is more challenging than ever. Add to that the surreal experience of living through a pandemic, and you have all the ingredients of a mental health crisis. Traumatized gives you the tools to block out the noise and focus on your emotional well-being."
    Katie Couric, journalist, podcaster, and co-founder of Katie Couric Media
  • “Kati has written a gentle, accessible guide to exploring every level of our emotional trauma. I cannot recommend this book enough and intend to use it to guide how I approach my own and my kids’ relationship with social media.”
    Kailyn Lowry, New York Times bestselling author of A Letter of Love and Hustle and Heart
  • Praise for Kati Morton's Are U Ok?
    "A humane, compassionate, and extremely helpful guide to the complex world of mental health care. Knowing what's wrong and when to seek help can be life-changing, and Morton's book is packed with tools and tips for navigating life with mental health challenges."
    John Green, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Turtles All the Way Down and The Fault in Our Stars
  • "An exemplary guide for anyone wondering if they or someone close to them may benefit from mental health therapy."
    Library Journal
  • "An intuitive handbook that empowers readers to tend to their own mental health...Chapters provide practical tools for handling anxiety, depression, and other mental health difficulties, while also offering powerful insights."
    Publishers Weekly
  • "[Morton] answers the questions many of us have but don't necessarily feel comfortable asking. This is information everyone can benefit from."
  • "Compassionate and hopeful."
    Energy Times
  • "An undeniably essential read."
    Cultured Vultures

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Kati Morton, LMFT

About the Author

Kati Morton is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Santa Monica, CA. She is an entrepreneur and YouTube creator who has built a global mental health online community.

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