Howl like a Wolf!

Learn about 13 Wild Animals and Explore Their Lives through Creative Play and Activities


By Kathleen Yale

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Howl like a wolf, slide like a penguin, and rattle like a rattlesnake with this award-winning guide to engaging and educational animal activities.

Wildlife field biologist Kathleen Yale takes kids on a journey through the wonders of the animal kingdom, exploring the distinctive habits and behaviors of thirteen different mammals, reptiles, and insects from around the world. In charmingly illustrated spreads, the animals introduce themselves, where they live, and their key behaviors such as camouflage, pollination, and foraging. Then engaging activities teach kids how to “think like an animal” by mimicking each animal’s distinctive habits, movements, and sounds – from balancing an egg like an emperor penguin to stalking like a camouflaged leopard.

A Mom’s Choice Gold and National Parenting Product Awards winner and Creative ChildMagazine book of the year, Howl Like a Wolf! includes eleven colorful, child-size pop-out animal masks to accompany the book in fostering fun learning and creative play.

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Aug 31, 2021
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Kathleen Yale

Kathleen Yale

About the Author

Kathleen Yale is the author of the award-winning children’s book, Howl Like a Wolf! which combines ecology, animal behavior, and imagination to engage children in creative play. She’s Orion magazine's digital editor, a former scriptwriter for the educational programs SciShow and Crash Course, and prior to that worked as a wildlife field biologist. She lives in northwest Montana with her family.

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