Sixteen-year-old Phoenix bombs her SATs, jeopardizing her dream of attending Yale in the United States. But when she goes to a Hong Kong protest with her brother and begins to document the growing movement, she realizes there might be more to life than grades and test scores.
Kai is a seventeen-year-old artist from mainland China. When his mother dies, he's forced to move back to Hong Kong and trains to become a police officer, just like his estranged father. When he accidentally swaps phones with Phoenix and discovers she’s part of a secret protest network, he's given an assignment: infiltrate the group and report their plans back to the police. 
As Kai and Phoenix join the struggle for the future of Hong Kong, a spark forms between them, pulling them together even as their separate worlds try to force them apart. Yet their relationship, built on secrets and deception, is on a collision course for disaster. When the lies fall away, will they still love the person left behind?

What's Inside

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