Second Sight

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In this compelling self-portrait, psychic and psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff, "one of the frontier people in health, who was not satisfied with the existing order, the Establishment, and began to push for the expansion of knowledge which the establishment, of course, often rejected and for which it sough to punish them," (The Nation Magazine) draws on her own experience and that of her patients to explore the mysterious and poorly understood realm of the psychic.

In riveting detail, she describes how an ignored premonition of a patient's suicide attempt convinced her to embrace her gift and incorporate it into her medical practice–and how using psychic abilities can provide powerful healing. More than simply one woman's journey, this book will also outline effective ways to cultivate natural psychic abilities, including how to–recognize psychic experiences in everyday life–increase clairvoyance–practice psychic exercises–discover psychic empathy–tune into messages the body is sending–record and interpret dreams–and more.

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