The Dragonsitter's Castle


By Josh Lacey

Illustrated by Garry Parsons

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Dear Uncle Morton: Your dragons are still here. They have eaten the entire contents of the fridge and most of the cans in the pantry too. Arthur also swallowed three spoons and the remote control. Mom says they will probably come out the other end, but I’m not really looking forward to that. –Eddie

When Eddie takes Uncle Morton’s dragons with him on Christmas vacation, it’s not long before they’re causing all sorts of mischief. Turns out, dragonsitting isn’t getting any easier for Eddie. Throw in a castle, a sneezing dragon, and a big box of fireworks, and it looks like this trip might end with a bang!

The Dragonsitter’s Castle will have readers laughing out loud and begging for more high-flying adventures!


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A Sneak Peek of The Dragonsitter's Island

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Dear Uncle Morton,

I just tried calling you, but the phone made a funny noise. Have you changed your number?

I wanted to tell you your dragons are here.

They must have arrived in the middle of the night. When I came down for breakfast, Ziggy was sitting on the patio, peering through the window, looking very sorry for herself.

I didn't even see baby Arthur. I thought Ziggy had left him at home. Then I realized he was tucked under her tummy, trying to keep warm.

They're feeling better now that we've given them some toast and let them sit by the heater.

Have they come to say merry Christmas? Are you coming, too? I'm afraid we didn't get you a present, but there's lots of turkey left and about a million brussels sprouts.



Dear Uncle Morton,

Your dragons are still here. They have eaten the entire contents of the fridge and most of the cans in the cupboard, too.

Arthur also swallowed three spoons and the remote control.

Mom says they will probably come out the other end, but I'm not really looking forward to that.

She wants to know when you are coming to collect the dragons.

We're leaving first thing on Thursday morning, so she asks if you could you get here by Wednesday afternoon at the latest.


Dear Uncle Morton,

Your phone is still making the same noise. Mom says you've probably been cut off because you haven't paid your bill.

Does that mean you didn't get my e-mails, either?

So, what are we supposed to do with the dragons?

We're leaving first thing tomorrow morning.

Mom has to catch the 9:03, or she won't arrive in time for the meet and greet with Swami Ticklemore.

She is going on that yoga retreat like you suggested. She says she deserves it after the year she's had.

I asked if the dragons could stay here without us, but she said, "No way, José," which you have to admit is fair enough after last time.

Emily and I are going to stay with Dad in his new house. He says it's a castle, but Dad's always saying things like that.

I called him and asked if we could bring the dragons.

He said no, because his new girlfriend, Bronwen, is allergic to fur.

I told him dragons don't have fur, but he said even so.

So please come and get them ASAP.


P.S. I've been waiting with my rubber gloves, but there's still no sign of those spoons or the remote control.

Dear Uncle Morton,

Mom says if you're not here in the next ten minutes, she'll leave the dragons in the street and they can take care of themselves.


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Jul 5, 2016
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Josh Lacey

About the Author

Josh Lacey is the author of many books for children, including The Island of Thieves, Bearkeeper, and the Grk series. He worked as a journalist, a teacher, and a screenwriter before writing his first book, A Dog Called Grk. Josh lives in London with his wife and daughters.

Garry Parsons has illustrated several books for children and is the author and illustrator of Krong!, winner of the Perth and Kinross prize.

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