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The Dragon Lords: False Idols

The Dragon Lords: False Idols

Guardians of the Galaxy meets The Hobbit in this rollicking fantasy adventure series.

The Dragons who once ruled over the land are dead.

The motley crew that stumbled through that revolution are rich and praised as saviors.

Everyone gets to live happily ever after, right?


Well, it might have worked out that way if the dragons in Kondorra had been the only ones. If they hadn’t been just the tip of the spear about to fall upon the whole world…

The Dragon Lords
The Dragon Lords: Fool’s Gold
The Dragon Lords: False Idols
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Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

On Sale: August 29th 2017

Price: $15.99 / $20.99 (CAD)

Page Count: 640

ISBN-13: 9780316308281

What's Inside

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"Madcap, dark, and bloody... Fans of humorous fantasy will enjoy the outrageous yet cunning plot twists of this comedy with an edge sharp enough to cut dragon scales."—Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"Humorous and profane, False Idols tackles the dynamics of power and corruption from uniquely unglamorous angles as the core group of characters struggles to remove humanity from the grip of all masters, whether monstrous or divine."—Booklist
"Ideal for fans of humorous capers and heist stories - such as Ocean's 11, Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastard Sequence series, and Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga."Booklist on The Dragon Lords: Fool's Gold
"Hollins ladles on the humor while hardly skimping on the action, the unexpected plot swerves, or the glorious feels."—B&N on The Dragon Lords: Fool's Gold
"Hollins's seat-of-the-pants fantasy comedy snowballs wildly into a glorious disaster of fire, magic, multiple threats to people's intestines, and fun -- for the reader, if not the characters."
Publishers Weekly (starred review) on The Dragon Lords: Fool's Gold
"Jon Hollins is a one of kind storyteller, a master of epic fun and nonstop action. Alas, since we both write humor-infused epic fantasy, this makes us natural enemies. Watch your back, Jon."—Nicholas Eames, author of Kings of the Wyld
"A chain mail-clad, sword-swinging heist caper brimming with blood, thunder, humor and heart."— Dale Lucas on The Dragon Lords: Fool's Gold
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