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Hannibal's Oath

The Life and Wars of Rome's Greatest Enemy

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Sep 26, 2017




According to the ancient sources, Hannibal was nine years old when his father led him to the temple at Carthage and dipped the young boy’s hands in the blood of the sacrificial victim. Before those gods, Hannibal swore an oath of eternal hatred toward Rome.

Few images in history have managed to capture and hold the popular imagination quite like that of Hannibal, the fearless North African, perched on a monstrous elephant, leading his mercenaries over the Alps, and then, against all odds, descending the ice-covered peaks to challenge Rome in her own backyard for mastery of the ancient world. It was a bold move, and it established Hannibal as one of history’s greatest commanders. But this same brilliant tactician is also one of history’s most tragic figures; fate condemned him to win his battles but not his war against Rome.

An internationally recognized expert on Hannibal for nearly thirty years, historian John Prevas has visited every Hannibal-related site and mountain pass, from Tunisia to Italy, Spain to Turkey, seeking evidence to dispel the myths surrounding Hannibal’s character and his wars.

Hannibal’s Oath is an easily readable yet comprehensive biography of this iconic military leader–an epic account of a monumental and tragic life.

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"Here, at last, is a biography worthy of one of history's most fascinating figures, whose crossing of the Alps with elephants to take on the mighty Roman Empire has captured imaginations for more than two thousand years. Written with a verve Hannibal would have admired, John Prevas's absorbing masterpiece will grip you from beginning to end."--Steve Forbes, bestselling author and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine
"Fascinating, authoritative, and an absolute joy to read, Hannibal's Oath is the definitive account of one of history's most enigmatic and important figures. A must for every lover of history, adventure, and unparalleled intrigue. No one brings history to life like John Prevas!"--Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Use of Force
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