Don't Blame It on Rio

The Real Deal Behind Why Men Go to Brazil for Sex


By Jewel Woods

By Karen Hunter

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This tell-all book gives a unfiltered first-hand account of the extramarital exploits that men get up to while supposedly traveling for work.

There is a not-so-new, not-so-secret destination where a growing number of American black men are traveling for the kind of sex and freedom they say they can't find with black women. Thousands of unsuspecting women are kissing their men good-bye while they go on "business" trips to Rio where they meet up with some of their friends and have sex every way they can imagine-no strings, no hassles, and no conscience.

Jewel Woods, a social worker and Ph.D. student at the Mandel School of Applied Social Science at Case Western Reserve University and founder of The Renaissance Male Project Inc., investigates this phenomenon. He will not only uncover a secret society of cheating savvy businessmen, but he will attempt to explain why they are going to Brazil to do it. 

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Apr 24, 2008
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Jewel Woods

About the Author

Jewel Woods is a Ph.D. student at the Mandel School of Applied Social Science at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. He is the founder of The Renaissance Male Project Inc. and a New Voices Fellow 2005. He has made appearances on both national and regional television and radio shows, and print publications such as Essence magazine, the Toledo Blade, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Karen Hunter, a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, has teamed up to write six bestsellers including: I Make My Own Rules (1997) with LL Cool J, Ladies First (1999) with Queen Latifah, Wendy’s Got Heat (2003), The Wendy Williams Experience (2004) with Wendy Williams, and On the Down Low (2004) with JL King. In addition to her books, Karen is also an Assistant Professor in the Film & Media Department at Hunter College.

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