Nice White Ladies

The Truth about White Supremacy, Our Role in It, and How We Can Help Dismantle It

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An acclaimed expert illuminates the distinctive role that white women play in perpetuating racism, and how they can work to fight it 

In a nation deeply divided by race, the “Karens” of the world are easy to villainize. But in Nice White Ladies, Jessie Daniels addresses the unintended complicity of even well-meaning white women. She reveals how their everyday choices harm communities of color. White mothers, still expected to be the primary parents, too often uncritically choose to send their kids to the “best” schools, collectively leading to a return to segregation. She addresses a feminism that pushes women of color aside, and a wellness industry that insulates white women in a bubble of their own privilege.

Daniels then charts a better path forward. She looks to the white women who fight neo-Nazis online and in the streets, and who challenge all-white spaces from workplaces to schools to neighborhoods. In the end, she shows how her fellow white women can work toward true equality for all.

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“This nation has never, ever read anything like Nice White Ladies. Daniels writes what is rarely spoken with supreme skill and substantiates her claims as though her life depended on it. I'd love to live in a world where every white woman on earth reads this book -- it could change everything.” —Kiese Laymon, author of Heavy: an American Memoir
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