The Nervous System Reset

Heal Trauma, Resolve Chronic Pain, and Regulate Your Emotions with the Power of the Vagus Nerve

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By Jessica Maguire

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From Vagus nerve expert and the voice behind @repairing_the_nervous_system, a cutting-edge program to heal your nervous system —essential reading for anyone struggling with anxiety, chronic pain, burnout, depression, IBS, PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

Most of us have heard of the mind-body connection, but did you know that there is a physical structure that connects the mind and body? That connection is the Vagus nerve, and it’s singularly responsible for maintaining balance in our mental and physical health. 
In The Nervous System Reset, Jessica Maguire shares the wisdom of her popular Nervous System School masterclasses and shows readers how to unlock the power of their Vagus nerve.
Drawing on the science of polyvagal theory and drawing on decades of her own study and coaching experience, Jessica teaches readers neural exercises, breathwork, and somatic practices to widen their window of tolerance in order to…
  • Regulate their emotions
  • Resolve trauma and PTSD symptoms
  • Overcome mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, or burnout
  • Improve symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, and autoimmune conditions
  • Heal digestive disorders like IBS and SIBO
Smart, accessible, and revolutionary The Nervous System Reset is a practical, science-backed program to heal your nervous system for good.


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Aug 13, 2024
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Jessica Maguire

About the Author

Jessica Maguire is an expert in nervous system repair, TEDx speaker, and the voice of popular account @repairing_the_nervous_system. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree and a Master of Physiotherapy. Her post-graduate study includes the fields of neuroscience, neuroplasticity, brain-heart biofeedback, brain-body medicine, and transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation. She is the founder of Nervous System School, where she teaches a long-term, sustainable, transformative methodology of nervous system repair, empowering students to step into the driver’s seat of their own health and wellbeing. Learn more at

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