All Things Lovely

Inspiring Health and Wholeness in Your Home, Heart, and Community


By Jenn Johnson

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Take the first steps to living as a healthier and happier woman and discover the spiritual importance of acceptance, gathering, and community.
Jenn Johnson has come to realize that the pursuit of perfection is unrealistic and unfair. Instead, we need to pause and reflect on what's in front of us. But how? How can we slow down? How can we remain focused on what's important and do things with intention? What can we pursue that represents God's heart for us, things that are true, noble, right, pure, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy?
By pursuing all things "lovely." Living a holistic and holy life, a life marked by beauty and truth, means being mindful and intentional about what we put in our bodies, how we present ourselves to the world, the spaces we create, and the people we let into our lives. When we set our minds on what is lovely, we begin to see ourselves and the world as God intended. We begin to be wholly renewed.

  • Jenn’s openness and transparency create a space for you to come as you are and bring your mess; you’ll be reminded of the joy and strength that community brings as you create habits, routines, and spaces that are altogether lovely.
    Lisa Bevere, New York Times bestselling author
  • From the words we speak to the food we eat to the spaces we create and the friends we include, Jenn shares that there is so much to be gained by living a generous life. All Things Lovely is a guide to becoming more intentional in every facet of your life.
    Christine Caine, founder of A21 and Propel Women
    It’s amazing when you meet a kindred heart, as Jenn and I originally connected around the worship of God and a love for His presence. Now, after many years of friendship, our shared love of family, food, authenticity, community, and the power of gathering around the table are also some of the things I love most about this woman. I know this book will bring a great refreshing to your heart, as you allow Jenn to lead you into All Things Lovely.
    Darlene Zschech
  • In All Things Lovely Jenn teaches us that what we magnify matters, and what happens when you magnify the Lord is everything else becomes dim. What a beautiful reminder to keep our eyes and thoughts on Jesus alone. I love the way Jenn helps us apply this to every area of our lives—even in keeping our homes organized—because in that we discover the peace that order and health bring. Jenn is the most hospitable and generous hostess and I’ve been privileged to experience for myself the way she lives what she shares in the words of this book.
    Laurie Crouch
  • I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who thrived on creating beauty and excellence as much as Jenn Johnson. She amazes me. And then when you add to that her amazing ability to host people in a way that makes them feel like royalty, you have an unusual gift indeed. Imagine capturing all those qualities and putting them into a book. All Things Lovely is just that. A book that inspires beauty, excellence, and love for people. It will inspire the wisdom of creativity in all who read it— even those who feel they don’t have a creative bone in their body. I encourage you to immerse yourself into this joyful journey and watch how Jesus increases the impact of your life in ways that delight His heart and strengthen people.
    Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA, author of Dreaming with God and Born for Significance
    All Things Lovely isn’t simply the title of this book, it’s the theme of Jenn’s entire life! Whether leading thousands to worship Jesus in a packed arena or belly laughing around the table with friends in her home, she compels others toward the spirit and substance of loveliness, as well as the relational reality of the belovedness that God alone graces us with. This is a work of art you’ll treasure!
    Lisa Harper
  • Jenn is hospitality grace in a bottle. Literally, the gift of generosity drips from her bones. Her ability to connect the grace of hosting with the heart of her perfect Heavenly Father is just stunning. You’re going to love peeking into her home and life and be completely inspired to live with open hands and heart in the life God has also prepared for you!
    Shelley Giglio
  • If your goal is to have a strong, loving, and faithful family, then my friend Jenn Johnson is a wonderful person to know and All Things Lovely is a wonderful book to read.

    Victoria Osteen, Co-pastor of Lakewood church

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About the Author

Jenn Johnson is the co-founder of Bethel Music and WorshipU along with her husband Brian Johnson. She has been involved in the production of over fifteen albums that have influenced the culture of worship across the global church. Jenn is the founder of "Lovely by Jenn Johnson," a lifestyle brand intended to inspire, equip, and engage women of all ages to thrive. The Johnsons also head up Bethel Church Worship Ministry and are committed to cultivating community and fostering unity among worship leaders from around the world. Jenn is passionate about living a lifestyle of worship built on vulnerability, purity, and connection to community and leadership. Brian and Jenn live in Redding, California with their four amazing kids, Haley, Téa, Braden, and Ryder Moses. Jenn continues to speak and lead worship at home and around the world.

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