10 Days to a Less Distracted Child

The Breakthrough Program that Gets Your Kids to Listen, Learn, Focus, and Behave

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From the author of 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child, a groundbreaking 10-step plan to improve children’s ability to focus and learn, as well as correct inattentive and out-of-control behaviors, including kids with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Does it seem like your child never listens, while you feel like a broken record? Does she frequently forget about homework assignments and tests? Does he have trouble concentrating on basic tasks, yet can pay attention to a video game for hours?

Your child isn’t lazy or unmotivated. He may have a chronic attention problem, and the good news is that you can help your child overcome it. In 10 Days to a Less Distracted Child, leading family psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein presents his revolutionary program for every frustrated parent. Dr. Bernstein’s 10-day approach is a fresh, highly effective, and completely original take on handling inattentive children, including those with ADHD and other conditions.

In just minutes a day, discover the secrets of how to:

  • Understand why your child gets distracted
  • Get kids to listen without raising your voice
  • Improve focus and organization at school
  • Avoid the homework battles
  • Overcome ADHD and learning disabilities
  • Build confidence, social skills, and self-esteem
  • Determine if medication is right for your child
  • Reduce distraction for the long run

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Atlanta Parent
"Parents will learn to avoid homework battles, build their child's confidence and reduce issues of losing focus."
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