We Garden Together!

Projects for Kids: Learn, Grow, and Connect with Nature


By Jane Hirschi

By Educators at City Sprouts

Photographs by Kim Lowe

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This colorful activity book invites kids to explore the world of plants and how they grow through creative hands-on activities.

Kids don’t need a big backyard or outdoor space to learn about gardening and how plants grow. This introductory garden book, packed with photos of 3 to 6 year olds in action, features hands-on planting and growing activities that can be done in a small yard, classroom, or community garden. Written by the staff of City Sprouts, a leading educational organization in promoting urban gardening and equitable access to nature, each activity—from Sorting Seeds to Going on a Worm Hunt to Planting a Tasty Salad—encourages kids to roll up their sleeves and learn about seeds, planting, and gardening. Step-by-step photos and on-the-page discovery prompts, presented in a lively design, make it easy and inviting for kids everywhere to become plant lovers and nature explorers. 


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Mar 14, 2023
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Jane Hirschi Author Photo

Jane Hirschi

About the Author

Jane Hirschi is the founding director of CitySprouts, a nationally recognized program that provides early science and nature education in collaboration with 20 public schools in the greater Boston area. She is passionate about making sure that all children have opportunities for hands-on science education in the garden and the chance to get to know the natural surroundings in their own neighborhood. A regular presenter at conferences regionally and nationally, Hirschi has been recognized as a Social Innovator by Root Cause Social Innovation Forum and is the author of Ripe for Change: Garden-Based Learning in Schools. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.    

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