Miguel Must Fight!

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By Jamie Ofelia

Illustrated by Sara Palacios

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A charming Spanish language story about a young artist in a family of sword fighters, whose passions are put to the test when a dragon attacks his village.

Miguel was like a paintbrush in a family of steely swords …

All his life, Miguel's familia told him he must fight! But his family's art of sword fighting never captivated him as much as the sway of his colored pencils did. 

When his village is threatened by El Dragón, Miguel must make a choice: will he stand with his familia and fight, or can he prove that the pencil is mightier than the sword? 

With vibrant illustrations from award-winning artist Sara Palacios, this charming story of family tradition and self-discovery will inspire young readers to always follow their passions. 


  • "In her engaging acrylic artwork in a warm palette, Palacios adds abundant detail showcasing the community's Latine culture. Wrapped in an entertaining package that neatly incorporates Spanish language ... this story emphasizes that weaponry and fighting are not the only ways to defend oneself and that Miguel's determination to stay true to himself in the face of social pressures is a special kind of strength."

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Apr 30, 2024
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40 pages