When does a classic become new, fresh and extremely relevant? When it is taken from an outdated format and sculpted into devotions that are readable, searchable and understandable. The Imitation of Christ has been in print for over 500 years for a good reason. It is powerful, beautiful and heart piercing. James Watkins has taken those words and reworked them into ninety daily readings, arranged by topic. Whether for daily devotions or for sound insight into a particular issue, Watkins’ paraphrase blends the ancient with the modern to introduce this classic to a new audience, speaking to all Christians with credibility and authority and using inclusive language not found in the original.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"Each morning I eagerly go to this modern version of The Imitation of Christ knowing it will convict and reach my spirit, giving me spiritual focus throughout the day. It is the best devotional I've found in many years.á¾â??Lissa Halls Johnson, author and speaker
"James Watkins has done a thorough, sensitive, beautiful job updating Thomas a' Kempis's The Imitation of Christ into a modern classic of ninety riveting readings.á¾â??Bob Hostetler, bestselling author, pastor, and speaker
The Imitation of Christdevotional is truly a gift to the church. Watkins provides timeless, profound truths in everyday language, introducing modern Christians to the power of Thomas a' Kempis's words and life's work. A deeply moving, wholly convicting, and truly life-altering book.á¾â??Mary DeMuth, author of Worth Living: How God's Wild Love for You Changes Everything
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