The Most Beautiful Disaster

How God Makes Miracles Out of Our Mistakes


By Hope Carpenter

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Hope Carpenter opens up about her personal struggles that nearly destroyed her family, her church, and her ministry, but then God did something miraculous—out of her brokenness, He made something beautiful.

As co-pastor of one of the nation's largest megachurches, Hope Carpenter had perfected the roles of supportive wife, good mother, devoted worship leader, and dutiful homemaker. But inside, she was secretly ashamed, sad, and afraid. She didn't know who she was, and she didn't know how to ask for help without bringing down the whole façade. A series of bad choices led to multiple affairs; her husband kicked her out and announced from the pulpit of their church that their marriage was over.
Hope was sure her life was done. But in her lowest moments, something beautiful happened. God met her there, and, with a lot of hard work, time, and mountains of therapy, she started to understand the pain that had caused her to act out. She and her family faced their brokenness together, and in powerful acts of forgiveness only God could have arranged, they all found real breakthrough and healing. Ron and Hope rebuilt their marriage and their family, and their ministry thrives today.
In The Most Beautiful Disaster, Hope helps readers understand the lasting impact of childhood trauma and gives readers practical steps to uncovering the root of pain in their own lives. She shows how small decisions can lead to big changes, and helps readers find healing and wholeness in Scripture and prayer. Ultimately, readers will be led to hope, reconciliation, and true freedom.


  • “Hope Carpenter holds nothing back in her new book. A life marked by trauma and shame becomes a picture of God’s redeeming grace. This book is vulnerable and powerful.”
    Pastor Steven & Holly Furtick, Elevation Church
  • "Riveting. Authentic. Deeply touching. This read is inspiring and touches the soul of the reader. The way Hope draws us into her life’s story is impactful. Very few can do that effectively. She cuts through the fluff of our modern church culture to get down to the real truth—the maskless self that's exposed before God. If you want your life to be changed forever, READ THIS BOOK!"
    Heather & Cornelius Lindsey, authors
  • “Hope Carpenter, you’ve been reading ouremail! Okay, let’s be honest. We’ve been caught fronting—putting on fake Instagram happy faces while trying to mask some unimaginable hurt from our past. Here, Hope reveals her own very personal trauma and shows us how to unravel our internal tangle of secrets and allow those old wounds to finally heal. It’s time to get real: Nobody’sperfect! And it’s comforting just to know we’re not the only one with scars.”
    Pastor Nicole Crank, host of The Nicole Crank Show, author, speaker, & co-founder of
  • “I love reading books that ignite a fire inside my soul. This book is a must-read full of broken dreams coming back to life, and it walks us through how God turns your scars into stars and makes your pain your pulpit. The Most Beautiful Disaster gives you a glimpse of what it looks like when God’s mercy meets your mess. He truly changes everything!”
    Kimberly “Real Talk Kim” Jones, author & pastor
  • “This book is more than a compilation of pages filled with information—it’s an instrument that introduces us to the God that redeems our life from destruction. This courageous, clear, and candid work will stir your faith and confirm the truth that God will bring beauty out of our ashes. Hope Carpenter is a gift to all who know her, and this necessary work is a gift to the world.”
    Dr. Dharius Daniels, author & lead pastor of Change Church
  • “Hope Carpenter's smile and contagious laugh would make you think that she has not seen or experienced some of the darkest moments that life throws our way. Even more compelling than her smile is her honesty in sharing those moments with us in her new book. Hope pulls back the curtain of her life, marriage and ministry and gives us a personal look at what beauty from ashes really looks like.”
    Sheryl Brady, author & pastor
  • “There are many books available that address the issue of 'Who am I?' but this book has a beautiful, realistic view of this question with a real-life testimony to back it up along with the Word of God! Hope is a personal mentee of mine, and I was privileged to toss my mantle on her. She has a heart for the Word, and I have great confidence in her. Do not wait to purchase this book and receive the wonderful testimony of a person who was set free and restored beautifully.”
    Marilyn Hickey
  • “Hope’s book is full of hope. The Most Beautiful Disaster will inspire you, encourage you, and change you! No matter what your circumstance may look like, this book will help you heal and move into your future stronger. With painful authenticity and transparency, Hope Carpenter shares not only her miracles but the heartbreak, the mistakes, and the misery caused from those mistakes. She shares all of this with the purpose of bringing you into the same freedom she has found.”
    Dr. Dave Martin, author & America’s #1 Christian Success Coach

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Hope Carpenter

Hope Carpenter

About the Author

Hope Carpenter is the cofounder of Redemption Church, a megachurch that started in Greenville, South Carolina. The church has satellite locations in San Jose, California; Raleigh, North Carolina; and the Dominican Republic. Additionally, they reach people around the world through their television ministry (on the Hillsong channel three times a week and on Daystar every Monday, broadcasting to over 450,000 weekly viewers), ministry app, ministry database, YouTube channel, speaking events, and conferences.

​Through Hope Carpenter Ministries, Hope travels to minister women all over the world including the Dominican Republic, Pakistan, and Argentina. Redemption Greenville has weekly attendance in excess of 20,000 and the San Jose campus has approximately 6,000. Hope and her husband, Ron, live in San Jose, California and Greenville, SC.

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