Grow Your Personal Capital

What You Know, Who You Know And How To Use It


By Hilarie Owen

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Packed with illustrative examples and interactive exercises, this book shows you to maximize the value of your knowledge capital (what you know), social capital (whom you know), and emotional capital (how you interact with others)-and combine these components to make you a more successful, effective, balanced, and fulfilled person. Momentum books are for people who want to make things happen in their career and their life, who want to work at something they enjoy and that’s worthy of their talent and their time. Momentum people have values and principles. They question who they are and what they do. Wherever they work, they want to feel that what they do has meaning. Request Desk/Exam Copy


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Mar 20, 2003
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Hilarie Owen

About the Author

Hilarie Owen is chief executive of the Institute of Leadership. An internationally sought-after guest lecturer and conference speaker, she lives in Gloucester, U.K.

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