The Many Faces Of Science

An Introduction To Scientists, Values, And Society


By Henry Byerly

By Leslie Stevenson

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The development of modern science, and its increasing impact on our lives and cultures, is one of the great stories of our time. So, understanding–and coming to terms with–the institution of modern science should be an integral part of education. In The Many Faces of Science, Leslie Stevenson and Henry Byerly masterfully, and painlessly, provide the basic information and the philosophical reflection students need to gain such understanding. The authors make good use of case study methods, and they introduce us to dozens of figures from the history of science. Stevenson and Byerly provide an elementary sketch of the development of science through the lives of its practitioners, and they examine the often mixed motives of scientists, as well as the conflicting values people bring to science–and to their perceptions of its impact on society. The authors also explore the relationship between scientific practice and political and economic power.Accessible and rich with anecdotes, personal asides, and keen insight, The Many Faces of Science is the ideal interdisciplinary introduction for nonscientists in courses on science studies, science and society, and science and human values. It will also prove useful as supplementary reading in courses on science and philosophy, sociology, and political science. In this second edition of The Many Faces of Science, the authors have updated topics that they explore in the first edition, and they present new case studies on subjects such as HIV and AIDS, women in science, and work done in psychology and the social sciences. The authors also extend their discussion of science and values, in addition to revising their study of science and technology to emphasize changes in scientific practice today.


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Aug 24, 2000
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Henry Byerly

About the Author

Leslie Stevenson is reader in logic and metaphysics at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. He is the author of Seven Theories of Human Nature, The Metaphysics of Experience, and many articles on language, mind, and science. Henry Byerly is professor of philosophy at the University of Arizona. He is the author of A Primer of Logic and has published many articles on biology as well as on the philosophy of science.

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