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Look Past

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Someone brutally murdered Mary Mathison, daughter of a prominent and very conservative local pastor, and Avery, a transgender boy who loved Mary, is bent on finding her killer. He goes to the crime scene to do some investigating, but is quickly put in harm’s way. Reluctantly, Avery must move to the sidelines to wait for the police to do their job.

However, following Mary’s funeral, Avery receives the first in a series of disturbing text messages that can only come from the killer, revealing that Avery is now a target. The killer claims that Mary’s murder was revenge for her relationship with Avery. The killer’s demands are simple and horrific: Avery must repent for changing his gender identity, or he will be the next one killed.

Now Avery is torn between finding the murderer and protecting himself from a killer who is playing a disturbing cat-and-mouse game. Can Avery deny who he is to catch Mary’s killer? Or will sacrificing himself be the ultimate betrayal?

What's Inside

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A solid serial-killer thriller for horror fans who'd like to root for the queer kid."
—Kirkus Reviews

“Devine has written an edgy and timely thriller that readers won't want to put down”

"Look Past is a disturbing, evocative look at hatred, identity, and violence that will leave you torn between wanting to look away and a desperate desire to keep reading."
Brian Katcher, winner of 2011 Stonewall for Almost Perfect

"Look Past is a look on the inside of the daily battles of a trans person intertwined with a horrific violent crime stemming from hate and the passion from religious beliefs."
Arin Andrews, author of Some Assembly Required

“Shocking and achingly compelling, Look Past brings us to the edge of our seat.”
Bridget Birdsall, author of the Lambda Award nominated Double Exposure

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