Animal Friends: Hello, Dogs!

Meet Dogs of All Shapes & Sizes; Learn What Dogs Love; Discover How to Be Friends!


By Editors of Storey Publishing

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This perfect first guide for dog-crazy kids includes loads of adorable photos of different breeds, fun facts about how dogs communicate, guidance for kids on making friends with canines, and 50 colorful dog stickers. 

Dog-loving kids ages 4 and up learn all about the various breeds and types of dogs; how they see, hear, and communicate; and what makes them happy in this lively, photo-packed introduction to everything about dogs. From puppies to really big dogs, dogs with long ears and dogs with short, curly tails, the wide world of dogs is celebrated while also teaching kids about how they can understand and be friends with these amazing animals, whether or not there's a dog in their household. Fifty colorful dog stickers are included, along with a a fold-out activity log page for keeping track of all the dog friends they meet.


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Aug 20, 2024
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48 pages

Editors of Storey Publishing

Editors of Storey Publishing

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