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The New Money Book of Personal Finance

Saving, Planning, Investing, and Borrowing -- All the Information You Need in One Easy-to-Follow Guide

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From the nation's foremost magazine on everyday money management comes an authoritative reference guide for personal finance that's newer, bigger, and fully updated for a new economy.

Since its publication, the original Money Book of Personal Finance has become America's definitive, all-in-one guide to total financial well-being at every stage of life. 

Now, fully revised and packed with helpful, easy-to-understand tables, charts, and quizzes, The New Money Book of Personal Finance will show you how to:
  • Take control of your finances: compute your assets, your liabilities, and your net worth
  • Invest with confidence: learn the six golden rules that keep you in check and on track
  • Lower your taxes: conserve your earnings with an easy, can't-fail game plan that works for almost every tax bracket
  • Buy the life insurance policy right for you: solidify your personal finances with this important move
  • Get a first mortgage by borrowing: learn what to do when you don't have the cash for the down payment
  • Slash your homeowners insurance costs: discover the eight little tips that make a big difference

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