The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin


By Dr. Harold Lancer

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A revolutionary 3-step method for younger looking skin, from the dermatologist behind Hollywood’s A-list stars.

Renowned Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer is the expert on whom Hollywood’s top celebrities rely to maintain their radiant complexions and to reverse the effects of aging. Now, he offers readers his groundbreaking 3-Step Method to rejuvenate their skin at home. Based on years of clinical research, Dr. Lancer’s regimen stimulates the skin’s own transformative healing power for lasting results.

He provides a road map to help readers navigate the mixed messages of today’s dermatological advice, avoid expensive invasive treatments, and see through the empty promises of so many beauty products. He recommends the most effective skin care products for every budget from drugstores, department stores, and spas. He suggests surprising lifestyle choices in diet, exercise, and stress management that support beautiful skin. Whether the reader wants to maintain youthful skin or reverse the aging process, Dr. Lancer’s Anti-Aging Method offers a comprehensive program for ageless, radiant skin.


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A Note from the Author

Deep down, everyone wants to be beautiful. If you think about it, part of beauty is looking radiant and fresh, which is why just about everyone wants to look younger, too. The urge to be appealing transcends vanity. Attraction is the driving force in all of nature, a fundamental impulse in the physical world. We are hardwired to feel this way. It is in our DNA. The need to appear youthful and alluring is instinctive. Being desirable guarantees your survival, not to mention your contribution to future generations. Beauty elicits acceptance, admiration, and love from others. Being attractive heightens your power and influence. In other words, the world runs on the strong force of attraction or, as I like to call it, sex appeal. No wonder the annual global sales of beauty and personal care products have reached a staggering $426 billion and are rising, even with worldwide economic instability.

Soft, youthful skin, hair, and nails are the key components of physical beauty. Your skin is the first thing anyone and everyone notices. Luminous skin commands attention and outshines other qualities. A glowing, clear complexion at any age sends a message of health and vitality, the formula for attraction.

I have devoted the past thirty years to helping my patients make the most of their looks and erase years from their faces and bodies by dramatically improving their skin. I am a physician and surgeon with special training and certification in dermatology. I care for a roster of thirty thousand patients from around the world, an eclectic mix of all ethnicities from all walks of life. Since beginning my solo practice in 1983, I have treated all of my patients from beginning to end. Lancer Dermatology offers the most up-to-date medical, surgical, alternative, and cosmetic care at my Beverly Hills office, a wonderful space designed to be an oasis of comfort and beauty.

My philosophy of skin care is neither theoretical nor lab-based. Rather, direct experience in daily patient care for the past three decades has allowed me phenomenal opportunities for observation and creative solutions. My ideas and innovations have evolved from daily interaction with my patients. I have been dedicated to developing effective treatments for the many skin conditions that keep people from feeling and looking their best, and that includes the effects of aging.

I treat many A-list celebrities, whose privacy I respect. Even so, several stars have praised my skin care regimen and skin care products in the media. Oprah selected the Lancer Method Skincare products for her "2012 Favorite Things." The same year, Ellen DeGeneres included her personal favorites from Lancer Skincare in "Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways."

The celebrities who come to me can choose anyone to care for their skin. I am honored that they put their famous faces in my hands and trust me to help them look their best. They are radiant, and their beauty remains their own. They know they will not leave my office looking as if they have spent a month in deep freeze or had a visit to the filling station. I take pride in knowing that my patients become the best version of themselves under my care with the invaluable help of the entire staff.

Experience is a great teacher. I have learned so much from being exposed to fifty to sixty patients a day. I see very few patients who are "dermatology virgins," who are consulting a dermatologist for the first time. My predecessors' evaluations help to mold my treatment strategies. After all, something was not working, which was why these patients came to consult with me. I now had the chance to solve their "derma-dilemmas," often complications resulting from invasive procedures. So many people today are looking for a quick fix and lose their judgment in the quest for eternal youth. The results are often disappointing, if not catastrophic. I see scars, bumps, crookedness, ripples, and countless other undesired outcomes. The cost is high, both figuratively and literally. Most of my new patients will never have a radical procedure again.

Twenty years ago, I had an epiphany that became the vision for how I practice dermatology today—my focus is on restoration, not alteration. I believe that the secret to beautiful skin has nothing to do with an artfully wielded laser, an injection, or cosmetic surgery. Lately, there has been so much focus on wrinkle freezers, line fillers, and lasers that no one considers what a simple high-quality skin care regimen can do for you. Glowing, healthy skin cannot be attributed solely to magic creams or even the gift of good genes. Genetic good fortune can take you only so far. The secret to an extraordinary complexion is your commitment to caring for your skin with my breakthrough three-step method—polish, cleanse, nourish—which I will reveal to you in this book. This program is the game changer that enhances the way your skin operates beneath the surface. The Lancer Method can improve the color, texture, elasticity, firmness, and hydration of your skin, and you do it at home in less than ten minutes a day.

In Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin, I want to share the Lancer Method, which produces what is known in Beverly Hills as the Lancer Glow. As you will soon learn, the Lancer Method changes the focus of skin care. Skin care, as it is practiced by my colleagues and marketed by cosmetics companies, consists of quick fixes and false promises. Some people have never seen a blemish vanquisher, wrinkle reducer, skin plumper, eye circle eradicator, pore shrinker, redness reliever, line smoother, collagen builder, or super moisturizer that they did not want to try. Their bathroom drawers and cabinets are overflowing with their collection of expensive products. It is a scene from Hoarders. Nothing seems to give them the results they want, but they cannot resist the new products and magical ingredients that hit the market with great fanfare so frequently. When the products do not work, they turn to increasingly invasive treatments, now available at medi-spas and strip malls in your neighborhood.

My approach is different. I teach patients how to achieve profound, long-lasting changes to their skin without having to spend thousands of dollars on the latest products, laser treatments, and peels. I always recommend that my patients give the Lancer Method a try before opting for anything invasive. For many of my patients, my at-home skin care program proves to be intervention enough. They see rapid results and save time, money, and discomfort. I am talking about bringing the science of skin care and anti-aging technology home. The full-body program you will find in Younger is state-of-the-art dermatology, and you are in charge. My groundbreaking approach to treating the skin has produced such good results that many patients have delayed or skipped invasive treatments they had been considering.

Of course, your skin reflects your physical and emotional health. If you want to look younger, you have to combat the effects of time by living an anti-aging lifestyle. And in this book I will outline the best lifestyle choices you can make in order to get the best results. After all, making the right choices in all aspects of your life, including diet, exercise, and stress management, is essential if you want to restore the youthful glow to your skin.

Think of this book as an extended visit to my office. You will become an associate patient. I want to show you how to be comfortable in your own skin. I want you to smile at your reflection in the mirror. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you look even better. My breakthrough anti-aging method will transform you.

Harold Lancer, MD



The Best Anti-Aging Technique: Harnessing the Skin's Natural Healing Power

Looking your best is serious business. More than thirty years ago, I embarked on a lifelong professional quest to find new ways to repair complexion imperfections. A traumatic and painful event that happened in my childhood lies at the root of my obsession with skin. When I was seven years old, I accidentally fell into a tub of near-boiling water. My brother and I were bundled up, playing catch in the unheated basement of our old farmhouse. My father had just finished bleeding our ancient steam furnace and had left the tub of steaming water to cool. Running backward to catch a ball my brother had thrown, I stumbled and fell into the vat. By the time I was pulled from the searing water, 10 percent of my body had been severely burned. Fortunately, the snowsuit I was wearing saved me from more extensive injuries.

My mother, who emigrated from Austria with the rest of my family after World War II, used Old World remedies to treat the burns. She slathered my raw skin with a poultice made from Crisco, egg yolks, baking soda, and water. She wrapped me in strips of sheets she had torn. I was a mummy.

My rural hometown did not have a burn unit. In fact, we did not even have a hospital nearby. We could not have afforded to go to one anyway. There were no dermatologists in our Connecticut farm town, just kindly Dr. Jones, a family practitioner and a dead ringer for Christopher Plummer, actor extraordinaire. After my initial visit, I revisited Dr. Jones's office every day. He cleaned my wounds, applying Vaseline with a tongue depressor to help them heal, greasing my way to recovery.

Watching Dr. Jones change the dressing each day, I was impressed by how meticulous his attention to detail was during the healing process. Weeks went by as I watched him work with next to nothing. Gradually, my wounds healed. Except for a small scar on one of my hips, you would never know I had been so badly burned.

I would never wish a traumatic burn on anyone, let alone a child, but in my case the unfortunate incident had a life-changing outcome. My very early experience with burns steered me toward my life's work in dermatology. I had always loved watching my mother in the kitchen as she mixed ingredients when she baked or cooked. After my dressings were removed, I began to mix potions in old glass Alka-Seltzer bottles to use as body lotions. I would experiment with my "products" on my sister's skin in exchange for doing her chores.

Ever since those days in Dr. Jones's office, I have been fascinated by skin—how it heals, how it ages, how it differs among people, and how skin care has evolved. Watching my own skin recover from injury helped me develop an incredible sense of what makes skin beautiful, and inspired me to specialize in repair and healing. Even with true dermatological disease and cancer, a visibly pleasing cosmetic end result is of key importance to me. With this intention, one of my specialties became scar-free skin cancer removal.

I had learned from my own experience that skin has the remarkable capacity to mend itself. Skin regenerates quickly and efficiently when you are young. As you age, beginning at about twenty, the repair process slows down, allowing lines, wrinkles, dullness, and dryness to develop. Harnessing and using that healing power was clearly the key to restoring the skin's vibrant glow and youthful tone. I set out to find ways to take advantage of the skin's own healing energy. Whatever the problem, the answers reside in the physiology of the skin. My unique three-step anti-aging method was developed over many years in my clinical practice. The Lancer Method stimulates the skin's underlying mechanisms to work properly to heal and repair the skin in as little as ten minutes a day.

Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin is a comprehensive guide to rejuvenating your skin from head to toe. You will learn to maintain your youthfulness or to reverse the signs of aging with my simple, effective, at-home program. I will provide a road map to help you navigate the mixed messages—abundantly available now that everyone and his brother thinks and acts as if they are dermatologists. You will learn to see clearly through the maze of misinformation and confusion. I will recommend products that really work. The products can be bought anywhere and on any budget. You may not be aware of the fact that many of the products you own are likely not helping your skin at all. Rather than resorting to invasive procedures to look younger, my program is based on finding the right products and using them in a way that restores your skin. Through years of clinical practice and research, I have discovered that many of the products on the market are not effective in bringing skin back to life. Millions of dollars are wasted on skin care products that do not deliver on the promises made. If you follow my plan, you will get the same transformative results that have brought so many patients to my door.

Part 1 describes the Lancer Method and how it makes skin act younger. We will take a hard look at our culture's youth-obsessed concept of beauty. We have developed unrealistic expectations that drive us to lose our judgment in the search for quick fixes. My program and my practice are rooted in my belief in restoration instead of alteration as the most effective way to have beautiful skin. The Lancer Method taps into the skin's natural healing power. The program's three-step protocol—polish, cleanse, and nourish—is specially designed to maintain your youthful glow or reverse the signs of aging quickly and easily. The Lancer Method is accessible to everyone regardless of budget. I have made three-tiered product recommendations, listing the most effective luxury, moderate, and affordable products and the active ingredients to look for when you are buying skin care products for the program. From your face, neck, and décolletage to your dry, deflated hands, feet, elbows, and knees, the Lancer Method will have you glowing from head to toe. Cellulite, discoloration, scarring, skin tags, thinning hair, brittle nails, and other barnacles of aging will all be addressed—and repaired in no time!

Part 2 begins with "Looking at Your Family Tree," which focuses on the Lancer Ethnicity Scale, a treatment protocol I developed in 1998 that is still in use today. Through clinical research and observation, I discovered that the race, nationality, and global geographic origin of a patient's ancestry are good predictors of the way skin responds to treatments. Failing to consider a patient's heritage can undermine the success of a treatment and may lead to unwanted complications. You will learn how to calculate where you are on the scale and how risky procedures are for your skin tone. We will take the basic Lancer Method a step further for those of you interested in intensive anti-aging skin care. No one likes to look in the mirror and see wrinkles, drooping, bags under the eyes, a sagging jawline, a crepey neck, thin skin, vertical lines above the upper lip, marionette lines at the corners of the mouth, worry lines on the forehead and between the eyes, crow's-feet, aging spots, and broken blood vessels. You will discover what happens to aging skin and how to restore your skin's elasticity and dewy quality. Aging skin requires more nourishment, and my enhanced regimen provides that. This can rejuvenate your complexion and reverse many of the signs of aging. With this supercharged anti-aging regimen, you will see signs of rejuvenation very quickly.

I will also explain how to fine-tune the Lancer Anti-Aging Method for special needs. The number of people affected by acne, rosacea, and sensitive skin is astronomical. They are so involved in dealing with their skin problems that they do not even think about taking action against aging. Since these conditions are so prevalent, I have included in the book an anti-aging program tailored for each of these skin disorders.

Part 3, "The Lancer Anti-Aging Lifestyle," provides pertinent advice on making the right lifestyle choices that support beautiful skin and overall health. Your skin reflects your inner state. Your health, excesses, and emotions are visible in your complexion. Within seconds of meeting a new patient, I can tell whether he or she has been leading a life of excess or is in poor health, often even before the patient is aware that something is wrong. If you are under stress, depressed, not sleeping or eating well, and generally not taking care of yourself, it will show. Bad habits and unhealthy living will add years to your face and the skin on the rest of your body.

Even if you diligently care for your skin, you are going to have trouble achieving results if you do not find a way to lower the stress in your life or to cope with it better. Stress takes a toll on every part of your body. Your skin is no exception. Stress can impair the skin's barrier function, making it easier for irritants to get in and moisture to exit. I will offer suggestions for improving your coping skills and getting more rest and relaxation. Good sleep, after all, is of vital importance to your health and well-being.

I will also talk about how your diet affects your skin. From eliminating processed foods to controlling inflammation, this chapter covers the best way to eat to promote overall health and to give your skin the nourishment it needs to replenish. You may be surprised to hear about some of the "healthy" foods that may be affecting your skin and causing you to look older than you are! My goal in this section is to give you the information you need to improve your digestion, reduce inflammation, and create a balance in your body that will shine through to your skin, taking years off your complexion.

Exercise is essential if you want to be radiant. Physical intimacy is part of the mix. Exercise brings a healthy flush to the skin that indicates an increase in blood circulation. The blood is carrying oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which improves your complexion well beyond those few post-exercise moments. You might be happy to hear that I advocate a measured approach to physical activity. Working out too hard actually can be damaging to your skin. Strenuous exercise promotes inflammation and triggers a cascade of hormones in the same way stress does, prematurely aging the skin. Stretching, yoga, Pilates, and brisk walking, on the other hand, are good for your health and will not damage your skin. I offer an approach to exercise that benefits the body, mind, and skin with some simple workouts designed by my friends to keep you looking and feeling younger.

For those of you who may want to try non-invasive procedures when you feel that you need more than even the best skin care can offer, I cover the latest procedures in the appendixes.

My primary goal in writing this book is to cut through all the hype and confusion surrounding anti-aging procedures and products. When you walk into a cosmetics-oriented office hoping to address a skin problem—anything from wrinkles and lines to sun spots and large pores—you are going to be offered a potpourri of costly invasive or semi-invasive procedures such as injectables, laser resurfacing, and glycolic peels. There are a growing number of options on the menu. I offer every procedure conceivable in my office. They are great for anyone who wants and needs to go the extra mile. But most conditions can be addressed effectively, and I would say more efficiently, with the Lancer Method. Whether you are under twenty-five or somewhat further along in years, this program is not only the first line of defense against aging but also the first line of attack against acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and just about every complexion imperfection. People of all ethnicities and ancestry will respond. Your ongoing commitment to my simple skin care plan will produce great results. Everyone will be asking if you have just returned from vacation or what you have done to look so much younger. Enjoy the attention. You earned it.

Part One



The Beauty Trap

We live in a visual age. Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded by provocative images of flawless women and men. Even though it's common knowledge that models all of fourteen years old pose as full-grown women, and that the exquisite pictures in magazines and advertisements have been carefully lit and photo-edited, I continue to see so many people measure themselves against this idealized standard of beauty. Their self-esteem inevitably suffers in a youth-obsessed culture, because they have internalized a standard of beauty that has nothing to do with reality. To make matters worse, cameras are inescapable. Friends and family snap away with their phones and post photos and videos on Facebook and YouTube. The pressure is on. Candid photographs often magnify imperfections, reminding people already critical of themselves that they fall short of their ideal.

Some of the most beautiful people in the world come to my office. I would like to say that they are all confident and secure about their extraordinary looks, but that is far from the truth. Many beauties focus minutely on what is wrong and what needs improvement. The competitive instinct is very intense in all of us, whether or not we are in the public eye. From my patients, I have learned that even people whose faces are admired around the world struggle with the same insecurity and self-criticism as anyone else.

If you take good care of yourself mentally and physically, you should be fortunate to live a long, healthy life. As you age, you will want to continue to look as good as you feel. The vast "anti-aging" industry caters to and manages to distort this basic desire. Since the effects of aging are first visible on the skin, dermatology has been elevated to the top of the heap in the war against time. An entire menu of treatments and products exists to minimize the visible signs of aging. This buffet approach to dermatology can provoke impulsive action. Influenced by what their friends have done and the incessant media buzz on the subject, people are driven to buy the latest hyped product and do what they can to look younger. There are plenty of people out there, qualified or not, ready to entice you with unrealistic promises and misleading descriptions of procedures and their aftermath.

The illusion of youth and beauty is sold non-stop everywhere you turn. Exaggerated claims about the latest anti-aging gadget, procedure, serum, and supplement have reshaped consumers' expectations. The media create a fantasy, and consumers respond by demanding faster and faster changes in their appearance. Cosmetics companies, medical spas, surgeons, and procedure-happy "health care providers" and dermatologists have profited by supplying what people have been made to want. There are countless "experts" out there eager to sell you products and procedures that fuel your fantasies.


People often come to see me in search of a quick fix or reversal. They suffer lifestyle abuse to their skin or give it minimal care until they have an aha moment, and a light goes on in their heads. The realization that they have neglected to do anything to make themselves look and feel better makes them vulnerable to the anti-aging selling machine. An increasing number of people get hooked on invasive procedures and surgery at a young age. I have met women who had their first face-lift in their thirties. They believe that regular touch-ups will make them ageless. Some have a vision of how they want to look and will make radical changes to their faces and bodies in an attempt to reach an imagined ideal. I have witnessed the cosmetic surgery junkie mentality, and it is disturbing. After the first three procedures, people hooked on surgery lose their compass—and their ability to perceive how they look. They are no longer capable of making a rational judgment. Instead, they keep striving for an elusive vision of perfection.

There is so much noise out there about treatments, products, and procedures, it is hard for most people to cut through the confusion. Many people respond to the hype by buying into the promises and trying whatever they can. Ever hopeful, they go from product to product, treatment to treatment, looking for visible results. Even if they are lucky enough to see improvement, it is usually short-lived. Some are scared off and decide against any intervention at all, while others are talked into procedures that do not deliver what they expect—or worse, cause problems. I believe in a more measured, realistic approach to skin and beauty. I want you to step back from all the hype and avoid unnecessary procedures. I want you to be in charge of refreshing your skin and making it healthier.


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