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Contentious Politics in Brazil and China

Beyond Regime

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Contentious Politics in Brazil and China: Beyond Regime is a highly accessible and compelling examination of two fast-emerging countries in the global arena. It is not common to see Brazil and China examined side-by-side, but authors December Green and Laura Luehrmann show the utility of this unorthodox comparison: By moving beyond region and regime, this book offers a thought-provoking analysis of two very different countries dealing with many concerns and problems in surprisingly similar ways.

With a focus on current issues, Contentious Politics in Brazil and China covers migration, urbanization, criminality, the environment, sexual politics and HIV-AIDS response, foreign policy, and international relations. This text not only illuminates each country's realities more clearly than traditional regional or regime-type comparisons can, but it offers unexpected insights into the study of state-society relations.

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This book is a thought-provoking comparison of China and Brazil, which succeeds in challenging “traditional wisdom” about the connection between regime type and responsiveness to citizen demands. It covers critically important issues of social identity, economic development, accountability, and environmental politics and policy.
—Jacqueline Vieceli, Minnesota State University, Mankato

“I'd recommend it as a very good undergraduate textbook on contentious politics with an unusual and compelling combination of case studies, and a clear and engaging style.”
—Carol Strong, University of Arkansas at Monticello

“This book represents what comparative politics is all about. Constructing valid generalizations about political systems and state-society relations is difficult without an in-depth, cross-national comparison of institutions, historical processes, cultures and policies. The authors of Beyond Region accomplish this task by comparing the proverbial apple with an orange.”
—Sandra Suarez, Temple University
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