The Middle East and the United States brings together scholars and policy experts to provide an empirical and balanced assessment of US policy in the Middle East from the end of WWI to the present. Carefully edited by David W. Lesch and Mark L. Haas, this text provides a broad and authoritative understanding of US foreign policy in the Middle East.

The sixth edition has been significantly revised throughout to include a new part structure and part introductions that provides students with greater context for understanding the history of US involvement in the Middle East. The five parts cover the watershed moments and major challenges the US faces in the Middle East, from the Cold War proxy wars and the Arab-Israeli conflict to the Gulf wars and the upheaval of the post-Arab uprisings era. Three new chapters-on the Golan negotiations, on US-Saudi relations, and on the US fight against al-Qa’ida and ISIS-make this the most current and comprehensive book on the United States’ involvement in the Middle East.

What's Inside

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