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The Middle East and the United States

History, Politics, and Ideologies

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The Middle East and the United States brings together scholars and policy experts to provide an empirical and balanced assessment of US policy in the Middle East from the end of WWI to the present. Carefully edited by David W. Lesch and Mark L. Haas, this text provides a broad and authoritative understanding of US foreign policy in the Middle East.

The sixth edition has been significantly revised throughout to include a new part structure and part introductions that provides students with greater context for understanding the history of US involvement in the Middle East. The five parts cover the watershed moments and major challenges the US faces in the Middle East, from the Cold War proxy wars and the Arab-Israeli conflict to the Gulf wars and the upheaval of the post-Arab uprisings era. Three new chapters-on the Golan negotiations, on US-Saudi relations, and on the US fight against al-Qa’ida and ISIS-make this the most current and comprehensive book on the United States’ involvement in the Middle East.

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"The Middle East and the United States is one of the most important collections of readings on US policymaking in a region of strategic importance to American interests. It is a valuable tool for students of US foreign and security policymaking, helping them to understand the complicated nature of decisionmaking in a frequently tense political environment."—Judith Yaphe, Institute for Middle East Studies, Elliot School
"David Lesch and Mark Haas have crafted an excellent overview of the evolution of US policy in the Middle East, the reasoning behind it, and the impact of it on the region today. . . Excellent editing ensures that each chapter is both concise and accessible and all could be read on their own merit. . . This book is the ideal entry point for interested observers and students of international relations."
International Journal on World Peace
"This book is indispensible for scholars and policymakers interested in understanding America's past and current involvement in the Middle East. The essays are authoritative, compelling, and engaging. Collectively, they represent some of the smartest analysis on how the United States and the Middle East got where they are today."—Toby C. Jones, Rutgers University
"An indispensible resource for understanding contemporary US policies in the region. . . . This volume remains an authoritative resource for practitioners and academics, for students in courses in US foreign policy or Middle Eastern history, and for the general reading public. Highly recommended."—Choice
"This book, the best single work dealing with the relationship between the United States and the Middle East, has been updated to include new chapters on Turkey and Afghanistan, and new material that addresses important aspects of this fraught relationship, notably the Arab-Israeli conflict and the successive crises in the Gulf. With these additions, it remains a timely and useful work."—Rashid Khalidi, Director, Center for International Studies, University of Chicago
"David Lesch is to be commended for bringing about an important contribution to the literature on United States foreign policy in the Middle East. This book belongs in every university library, and it will serve as an outstanding secondary reader for classes on United States foreign policy."—Digest of Middle East Studies
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