Wild Blue

Stories of Survival from Air and Space

Trade Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781560252511

USD: $18.99  /  CAD: $23.99

ON SALE: December 31st 1999

Genre: Nonfiction / Transportation / Aviation / History


Wild Blue collects the most gripping accounts of what some would call the greatest achievement of the century: controlled flight. Charles Lindbergh takes readers wing-walking in a barnstorming biplane; Ernest K. Gann describes how the nocturnal spell of copiloting a DC-2 at night is broken by the unexpected terror of ice on its wings; a young ace named Chuck Yeager shatters the sound barrier and then loses consciousness in a violently tumbling rocket-plane. From the soaring to the harrowing, from flying a Piper Cub over the Rockies at the age of 14 to a nighttime carrier approach with an anxious, rusty lieutenant, Wild Blue puts readers right in the cockpit.

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