Purposeful Curiosity

The Power of Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time


By Constantine Andriopoulos, PhD

Read by Michael Chance

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Professor of Entrepreneurship at Bayes Business School provides his masterclass on how accomplished individuals use their curiosity to reach challenging goals and provides nine common practices to push boundaries and make new discoveries.

We have a love affair with people who plunge into new experiences and push limits. We admire those who imagine the unimaginable, solve enduring mysteries, who turn the impossible into possible, and help us evolve. In Purposeful Curiosity, Dr. Constantine Andriopoulos lifts the veil on how accomplished individuals channel their curiosity to a particular purpose—toward advancing science and human understanding, discovering new lands and opportunities or reaching a significant goal. Purposeful curiosity gets you off the couch and propels you to solve complex puzzles, and teaches you how to immerse yourself in the unknown with clarity, passion, courage, and positivity.

Dr. Andriopoulos interviews Formula One engineers, scientists working to grow food on Mars, opera singers, visual special effects artists, storm chasers, venture capitalists, Michelin-starred chefs, and many others to learn how they used their curiosity to achieve challenging goals. Although not everyone aspires to explore Antarctica or found a factchecking website, we all search for meaning and progress. Whether we're trying to be better or the best in what we do, prepare for a new job or leave our current career for something more fulfilling, see through the “noise” of fake outrage and information overload, commercialize an innovation, improve health, or teach children the value of solving a puzzle, all of us can benefit from thinking like a purposefully curious person.

Purposeful Curiosity offers nine essential lessons that allow us to make use of our curiosity, to empower and help you replicate the experiences of others in order to reach your goals and thrive.


  • "In today’s fast paced world of increasing distraction and clutter, asking the right questions at the right time will often be the difference between success and failure. Packed with captivating true stories, fresh research, and counter-intuitive insights, this endlessly fascinating book sheds new light on how to channel our curiosity to a chosen purpose. Andriopoulos’s well-informed work based on original lessons for reclaiming our curiosity in everything that we do, is more important than ever. Purposeful Curiosity will likely spark a new movement."
    Muhtar Kent, Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca Cola Company
  • "If you're ready for your next adventure but don't know where to start, I recommend you start with Purposeful Curiosity. What if? Why not? Says who? Purposeful Curiosity offers an actionable and accessible framework for turning questions into actions, helping readers to harness their curiosity, deepen their expertise and go further than they ever dreamed they could."
    Sarah Wood, Digital Entrepreneur, Founder of Unruly, Director at Tech Nation
  • "As someone who has started several lines of business in my career, most of which I would not have guessed a few years earlier I would be involved with them, I consider curiosity to be a healthy personality trait for any entrepreneur. Constantine has done a brilliant job at defining and explaining purposeful curiosity by exploring it in all walks of life, not just business. Although personally, I am not that curious to want to find out what it will be like to be holidaying on the moon (I think I will leave that venture for my daughter to pursue or not), I do believe Constantine’s book would be good read, sort of a manual, for any entrepreneur thinking of starting their own business and venturing into the unknown out of curiosity!"
    Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Creator and Owner of Easy.com

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Oct 25, 2022
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Constantine Andriopoulos, PhD

About the Author

Dr. Constantine "Costas" Andriopoulos is the Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Bayes Business School (City, University of London) and the Director of Avyssos Advisors Ltd., a management consultancy that helps organizations disrupt their industries.  At Bayes, he leads MSc, MBA and Executive Education courses, encouraging learners to find solutions to big problems, and take journeys into the unknown by starting new ventures or developing new products in large organizations. He has also successfully launched Bayes X (Research Center for Innovation and Disruption), one of the leading scholarly centers focusing on disruptive innovation. Dr. Andriopoulos lives in London.

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