The Food Forward Garden

A Complete Guide to Designing and Growing Edible Landscapes


By Christian Douglas

Foreword by Tyler Florence

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Vegetable gardening reinvented—and elevated—with the high-style approach of award-winning landscape designer Christian Douglas.

What if, instead of relegating our vegetable patch to a remote corner of the backyard, we brought it <I>forward<I>? What if we integrated edibles into our decorative landscapes, letting vegetables, herbs, fruits, and berries share prime real estate alongside our patios, pools, even our front walkways? Equal parts inspiration and instruction, and filled with an abundance of ideas and information, <I>The Food Forward Garden<I> is a lushly illustrated guide to how we can make better use of our outdoor spaces without sacrificing style. In this comprehensive tome, award-winning landscape designer Christian Douglas shows us how the intrinsic beauty and seasonal rhythms of edibles bring a new level of purpose, meaning, and stunning visual pleasure to the home garden.


  • “This book combines the satisfaction of growing your own food with real practicality and beauty.”
    Kim Wilkie, landscape architect

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Oct 29, 2024
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256 pages

Author Photo Christian Douglas

Christian Douglas

About the Author

Christian Douglas is a landscape designer and the founder of Christian Douglas Design, where he creates extraordinary culinary gardens for private clients, and the Backyard Farm Co., where he and his team of urban farmers teach homeowners around the world how to grow food. In 2020, Christian was awarded the California Home+Design Award for landscape design. He has a regular gardening column in Marin Living magazine and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, California Home+Design, and other major publications. Follow him on Instagram at @christian_douglas_design. 

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