From molecular biologist turned Anthony Award-winning author of THE KILLING KIND comes a fact-based thriller in the vein of Michael Crichton about our species’ next great existential threat.

Several years into our future, New York City is pin-drop silent, still in partial lock-down and reeling from a bioterrorism attack in which a political extremist killed thousands. What’s more, virulent viruses and the effects of climate change have made survival nearly impossible. The rich have sealed themselves off in their skyscrapers and the poor have quarantined in makeshift settlements.
Amidst the ruin we meet police detective Jake Gibson, a single father after his wife died in the 8/17 attack. With a sick daughter at home, Jake is already on edge when his partner, Amy, calls him to come meet her, and quick. Jake arrives at Central Park, now a shantytown for the sick and abandoned, to discover 100 people murdered. As Jake and Amy plunge into the investigation they’re shocked to discover all the victims had recovered from their illnesses just before their deaths—and there’s evidence an 11-year-old boy, now missing, may have been the one who cured them.
Now Jake and Amy must find the boy before anyone else can, before the FBI takes over the investigation, before radical gangs—endtimers, who’ve embraced the new plague as a kind of religion—can get him. In a world where infection is rampant, infrastructure has collapsed, and nativism is endemic, there’s no safe place to turn. Child Zero is a high-concept, Michael Crichton-style science thriller set in a New York that feels eerily familiar. 

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