Here I Am, I Am Me

An Illustrated Guide to Mental Health


By Cara Bean

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This colorful graphic novel adventure through the brain demystifies and destigmatizes emotional and mental health for children through accessible language and lessons.

Join author-illustrator Cara Bean in Here I Am, I Am Me, as she takes readers on an illustrated journey to the center of the brain. Each of the 9 chapters explores a different aspect of mental health, from the brain and the mind, to feelings and emotions.  By portraying complex neuroscience concepts with a cast of illustrated characters (that represent parts of the brain), the book explains what is really going on in the reader’s head in an accessible, approachable way that ultimately serves to empower the reader.

Each chapter includes a “question map” that gives context to and helps frame the pages that follow as well as a “Bean Memory,” which shares a first-person true story that illustrates the chapter’s subject matter as it has played out in the author’s life.

The book doesn’t talk down to its readers, and it doesn’t pretend that teens are immune to mental health struggles: Cara Bean masterfully discusses crucial topics like depression, substance use and addiction, and suicide, all while equipping readers with mindfulness tips, specific resources, and empathetic affirmations. Readers will learn to destigmatize the conversation around mental health by reframing their thinking, learning how to use conscious language, and helping themselves and others through mental health dilemmas.


  • “Bean’s comprehensive guide to mental health is a welcome addition to books geared toward adolescents…. This is a valuable resource for young people, whether they encounter minor episodes of fear or anger, or have more acute mental disorders. The colorful drawings are whimsical but do not minimize the seriousness of the topic. Each page is engaging, with accessible text in every frame for even the most distracted teenager. VERDICT Covering one of the most important topics related to teenagers, this helpful guide is a must for all libraries.”
    School Library Journal

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