The Attractional Church

Growth Through a Refreshing, Relational, and Relevant Church Experience


By Billy Hornsby

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Every church leader and church member want their church to grow. The promise of The Attration Church is that if a church experience is positive, the lost, absent, and unfilled will come and complacent people in the pew will have their faith renewed. Author Billy Hornsby says that what keeps most churches from growing are the “methods” they choose for their outreach efforts. The local church must ensure visitors and members alike a good and lasting impression of their experience in church, especially the worship service.

“You must get the first impression right!” Hornsby insists. From the website, Facebook page, Twitter accounts, leadership blogs, and parking lot to the worship facility and worship service: the total church experience must speak to people’s emotions and be relational and relevant.

The Attration Church is both motivational and practical with guidance on how to accomplish this transformation, and also presents case studies of some of the fastest-growing and most innovative churches in America. Here is a fresh vision for what the church can be.


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Billy Hornsby

About the Author

Billy Hornsby has worked for more than thirty years with national and international church leaders. Billy is an assisting pastor and staff coach for Church of the Highlands ( in Birmingham, Alabama. Billy and his wife, Charlene, have been married for more than forty years.

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