Bestselling author and conservative icon Dr. Ben Carson lays out a hopeful and inspiring road map for how America can come together.

External physical characteristics that are genetically encoded are things over which no individual has control. But rather than appreciating the gift of diversity, some have chosen to use it to drive wedges between groups of people. Some of these external characteristics are associated with the past moral failing of slavery. Though slavery in America formally ended in the 1860s, the vestiges of that evil institution are still with us today, and those vestiges often inflict guilt on some and facilitate feelings of victimhood in others. 

In Created Equal, Dr. Carson uses his own personal experiences as a member of a racial minority, along with the writings and experiences of others from multiple backgrounds and demographics, to analyze the current state of race relations in America. Instead of using race as an excuse to remake America into something completely antithetical to the Constitution, Dr. Carson suggests ways to enhance and bring great success to our nation and all multiethnic societies by magnifying America's incredible strengths instead of her historical weaknesses.

Meet The Author: Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson is a bestselling author, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate and the former director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins. He is also the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the land, and he holds more than 70 honorary doctorate degrees.

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"The best way to describe Dr. Ben Carson is 'Gentle Ben,' who was a lovable bear in a 60’s TV series. Like the original 'Gentle Ben,' Dr. Carson is kind, thoughtful, and protective of those around him. But he also knows how to fight. He’s fought disease and illness in his celebrated medical career and he’s fought Godless ideology that has masked itself as intellectualism. His breakthrough book, Created Equal, is a powerful pushback to the utterly baseless view that America is a racist and evil nation. I can think of no one who can more credibly respond to such nonsense than Dr. Carson, and he and his wife Candy do just that.  This book will help you see America as it is, not a perfect nation, but one whose God-centered origins move us toward 'a more perfect union.'"—Mike Huckabee, television host and former governor of Arkansas
“Dr Carson’s life story proves that through the promises of America and consistent hard work, we are not destined to be defined by our challenging circumstances, but rather can pursue happiness and exhaust our potential as was intended by our Creator.”—John Rich, singer and songwriter
“He’s done it again! Ben Carson has written another great book that sheds light on an important subject. Not only have his gifted hands been used to bring healing to many, his service to America has also brought a perspective that has the potential of bringing unity to what has been too long a divide across our nation. Ben and Candy Carson have lived the American Dream and are bright examples of those who overcome. Their story challenges others to grasp the truth that God breathed life into the human race—created equal—in His likeness, for the purpose of glorifying Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who desires all people to come to salvation in Him through obedience, demonstrating love toward all.”—Franklin Graham, president and CEO of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Samaritan’s Purse
“In this hard-hitting, plain-speaking analysis, Dr. Ben Carson builds on the mighty foundation of culture-shaping lessons learned during his inspiring life and career. While readily acknowledging the cruel realities of slavery, Jim Crow, and the 'tyranny of low expectations,' Dr. Carson emphatically rejects contemporary philosophies such as Critical Race Theory with its enervating narrative of oppression and victimhood, and instead embraces the 'can do' and 'compassionate action' approach that characterizes America at its best. He lifts up a soaring, optimism-filled vision of a free society animated by self reliance, academic achievement, and a fair system of public school funding. Especially timely for our deeply polarized era, Dr. Carson’s eloquent voice and common sense perspective are more important than ever in pointing the way forward for all Americans of good will.”—Judge Ken Starr, former president and chancellor of Baylor University
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