Brother Red


By Adrian Selby

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From one of the most exciting voices in dark fantasy comes a sweeping story of a soldier on a brutal quest to preserve her kingdom’s future.

She was their hope, their martyr, their brother.…

Driwna Marghoster, a soldier for the powerful merchant guild known as the Post, is defending her trade caravan from a vicious bandit attack when she discovers a dead body hidden in one of her wagons. Born of the elusive Oskoro people, the body is a rare and priceless find, the center of a tragic tale, and the key to a larger mystery.
As she investigates who the body was meant for, Driwna finds herself on a path paved by deceit and corruption…and it will lead her to an evil more powerful than she can possibly imagine.
"Adrian Selby’s Brother Red proves to be a thrilling fantasy epic about love, loyalty, and the importance of protecting people in need….this novel is a true page turner in its entirety."—The Nerd Daily
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  • "Lovers of grimdark worlds will enjoy Selby’s unique setting and brutal action sequences."
    Publishers Weekly
  • "Selby demonstrates the command of style, character, plotting, and world building of a seasoned author."
    Booklist on Snakewood
  • "Teyr's ambition and endurance are admirable, her goal is refreshingly mundane and pragmatic, and Selby has crafted a deeply imagined world."
    Publishers Weekly on The Winter Road
  • "Not your typical grimdark fantasy....While it's a complex tale, this is also an immensely readable one, and should appeal to fans of the immersive world-building of Brandon Sanderson. Selby constructs his world on a personal, visceral level, making sure we feel everything that happens to the narrators."
    B&N SciFi and Fantasy Blog on Snakewood

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Jan 26, 2021
Page Count
512 pages

Adrian Selby

About the Author

Adrian Selby studied creative writing at university before embarking on a career in video game production. He worked for several big-name studios as a producer before settling down to more conventional work in IT project management. He is a Tolkien fanatic and online gaming addict, and lives with his wife and family on the south coast of England.

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