Duckling Watch Party

We’re having fun watching these ducklings grow…join our weekly watch!

Welcome baby ducklings! Follow along as we watch these precious ducklings grow. Bookmark this page for weekly updates.

June 16, 2021
Welcome Babies – June 16, 2021

Our fuzzy friends are warming up and growing up! It’s amazing how much growing they do in a week.

Hot Stuff – June 24, 2021

And here they are enjoying a stroll across the field and a quick sip of water when back at home to cool off. Feels like it might be time to give these little (not so little) ones names?

The Ducks Go Marching Two By Two – July 1, 2021
Refreshing – July 1, 2021

We missed a week of photos because of all the HEAVY rain here in western Massachusetts, but we are happy to report that the ducks have new digs!

Home Sweet Home – July 15, 2021

Our ducks really like to stick together! If one gets separated, it will run around peeping until it is reunited with the rest of the flock (they still make a peeping sound, a lot like baby chicks…). Plus, you can see their feathers starting to come in.

Follow the Leader – July 15, 2021

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Photography © Mars Vilaubi.

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