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Family Reads: Setting Goals for a New Year, Together!

Setting Goals in the New Year!

As 2020 draws to a close, we’re looking forward to 2021 and all the things we want to accomplish. Here are some books to help inspire your kids to dream, and to teach them that every big dream can be achieved if they set goals and strive to accomplish them!

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No “too that” or “too this” will stop what’s inside us from flowering.

Find inspiration in this empowering new picture book from Meena Harris, NYT-bestselling author of Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea, which is based on a true story about her aunt, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

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For Your Kids

For Teens

Teaches teens how to approach their adolescent years with optimism and understanding, giving them the skills they need to develop long-term well-being.

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For Kids

Playfully presented, packed with fun and helpful illustrations, and expertly vetted, author-artist Rachel Brian delivers a must-have book for anyone who wonders why they worry or how to better live with their anxiety.

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For Little Kids

Everyone will laugh at the tiny ducky’s string of failures and cheer when it comes up with the best solution of all.

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For Babies

Sweet, simple blessings that encourage thoughtful gratitude for life’s daily gifts and wonders.

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For You

Opt-out of expectations and live a more intentional life with this refreshing guide.

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All the encouragement and insight you’ll need to take the path less traveled and create the life you want. Just step up to the trailhead and expect it to be an adventure.

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