Esther Jungreis

About the Author

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis came to the United States after surviving the Nazi’s Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. To counter the spiritual holocaust among Jews around the world, the Rebbetzin founded Hineni, a pioneering outreach organization that reconnects Jews to their rich and dynamic Jewish heritage.

The Rebbetzin writes a weekly column for the Jewish Press, the world’s more widely circulated Anglo-Jewish newspaper. Her weekly Hineni program is the longest running Jewish broadcast in America. Thousands have attended the Rebbetzin’s twice-weekly Torah classes in Manhattan. These challenging lectures have been the catalyst for over 1,000 marriage matches.

Life Is a Test is Rebbetzin Jungreis’ fourth book. She previously authored three bestsellers: Jewish Soul on Fire, The Committed Life, and The Committed Marriage. Translated into Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, and Hebrew, her books have transformed hearts, from soldiers in the field to business leaders and heads of state.

By the Author