Eddy de Wind

About the Author

Eddy de Wind was transported to Auschwitz in 1944, along with his wife. At the end of the war when the Nazis fled, Eddy hid and stayed behind, subsequently serving as a doctor in the Red Army treating other survivors. It was then that he wrote Last Stop Auschwitz: the only known book written within the grounds of Auschwitz itself. After the war, Eddy established himself as a renowned psychoanalyst in Amsterdam — one of the first to write about a form of PTSD called “concentration camp syndrome”. He is survived by his three children and second wife.

David Colmer is the award-winning translator of over 20 books. Among his accolades are the PEN Translation Prize, the 2009 Biennial NSW Premier Prize, the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, and the David Reid Poetry Translation Prize.

By the Author