Andy Tanner

About the Author

Andy Tanner is a well-respected paper assets expert, investor, and successful business owner — and gifted teacher of key techniques for stock options investing. He serves as the Rich Dad Advisor for Paper assets and as a coach to the trainers for Rich Dad’s Stock Success System, a system of advanced technical trading techniques for profiting from bull and bear markets. He was also instrumental in developing and launching that program.

A sought-after educator, Andy has taught tens of thousands of investors and entrepreneurs about where paper assets fit into the Rich Dad system of investing.

About Rich Dad Advisors

The Rich Dad Advisor series is the comprehensive, ‘how-to’ companion series to Robert Kiyosaki’s international blockbuster Rich Dad Poor Dad which is recognized as the #1 personal finance book of all time. The Rich Dad Advisor series, which has sold over two million copies globally, are timely and accessible books written by legal, tax and business experts selected by Kiyosaki as his Advisors.

By the Author