Agatha Achindu

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Agatha Achindu is a Certified Integrative Nutritionist, wellness entrepreneur, speaker, lifestyle writer, TV personality, chef, and yoga teacher. In 2006 after a decade of teaching over 45,000 parents how to cook healthy delicious food at home for their babies, and teaching those who do not have the time to cook at home how to make healthy choices at the grocery stores by teaching them how to use manufacturers food labels to shop, Agatha founded Yummy Spoonfuls Organics, the first nationally-distributed organic food for kids sold in Walmart stores nationwide today.
In 2017 Agatha presented to members of Congress on Capitol Hill as part of the Plate of the Union Campaign hosted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). A native of Cameroon and Nigeria, Agatha’s love affair with healthy food started from childhood. For Agatha, eating healthy and nutritious food has never been a trend, but instead, a way of life. Growing up on her parents’ organic farm in Cameroon, West Africa, the kitchen was the hub of activity for their family. Meals were made from scratch with fresh ingredients grown from the earth and this approach would become the foundation of her life’s work as a wife, mom, food activist, and businesswoman.
Agatha lives in Atlanta with her husband and youngest son.

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