Employee’s Pet of the Month: Seamus

Employee Pet Hannah Phillips Seamus

Name: Seamus

AKA: Shimmy, Bud, Shay-Shay, Shameless Seamus

Age: 3

My Human: Hannah Phillips in editorial at Center Street/FaithWords. She brings a lot of books home and I’ve eaten a couple of them because they take up a lot of her time.

Backstory: I’m currently working on my memoir, but I will try and condense it here. I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on a windy day in April. My parents and I have a classic Craigslist love story—they saw my photo in the classifieds and knew they just had to have me.

Now, I chill hard 24/7 in Music City. I live for hikes and swimming holes, and I can’t hear “Desperado” by the Eagles without crying.

Favorite Food: Peanut butter and Greek yogurt. I try to stick to a strict diet, but I once found an entire box of pastries on my parents’ countertop when they weren’t around. I ate them. All. It was awesome.

Favorite Activity: Hiking, getting my belly scratched, monitoring my backyard, and finalizing my GoFundMe campaign for my work on advanced peanut butter research.

Most Likely to Win an Award For… Being “Mostly Likely to Succeed”


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