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Employee’s Pet of the Month: Maple & Tink

Alana Spendley PETS

Name: Maple and Tink

AKA: “Tinky, Tinks, Tinker” “Mapey, Mapes”

Age: Maple is 1 and Tink is 6 years old

My Parent: Alana Spendley (and Megh Valentine)

Backstory: Tink appeared from an unknown planet of furry beings and traveled through a wormhole, and ultimately landed one snowy evening right in front of our window. People call it rehoming, but we both know that Tink scoured the universe before deciding to live with us as his forever home. As for Maple, she was from an exotic pet store. Very exotic if you asked us.

Favorite Food: Maple loves mealworms. Tink goes bonkers for baby carrots, watermelon, cheese cubes, and really anything.

Favorite Activity: Maple is very active and loves to go running on her wheel. Tink is a lot lazier and just likes to curl up on a nice blanket or bask in the sun. He is also passionate about bullying other dogs, all of whom are much larger than him.

Maple and Tink both love traveling–you’ll always find Maple somewhere special in nature, and Tink is the perfect travel buddy since he can be taken on a car, bus, train, intergalactic spaceship, etc. When his short legs get tired on a hike, he can be carried or popped into a backpack. These pets love adventure and definitely live by the motto, “Not all who wander are lost.”

Most Likely to Win an Award For…
Tink: he deserves an Oscar for acting like he wants to cuddle when he really just wants to steal the food off your fork. Yes, this happens a lot.
Maple: her social media game. She is a total camera hog (pun intended) and kills it every time on her Instagram: hedgiegram.


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