6 Tips on How to Train Your Cat


If you’ve ever believed cats are untrainable, think again. The authors of The Trainable Cat, John Bradshaw (the foundation director of the Anthrozoology Institute at the University of Bristol) and Sarah Ellis (a feline behavior specialist at the charity International Cat Care), are here with tips on the best ways to train your cat.



  1. Rewards should come little and often.
  2. Assess which food types your cat likes and just how much he/she likes them.
  3. Puzzle feeders are a great way to gear your cat’s brain for some human-led teaching.
  4. A list of your cat’s favorite treats in order of preference (there might be joint favorites) will be really useful when you come to start training.
  5. As well as eating, play is a highly rewarding experience for cats.
  6. Stroking can be used as a training reward for any cat who is particularly affectionate and tactile.



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