The modern girl’s guide to the Bible.

Not another devotional.

(It’s OK if you thought that… yes, really). You probably own a lot of them. If you’re like us, you have great goals at the start of the year to read a daily devotional and study the Bible more.

But then life happens. A few months go by, and then we realize we’ve gotten distracted. It’s April now, so join the club if your resolutions are now a thing of the past.

So why then are we writing to tell you about a devotional now? Well, we may be bias, but we think this one is different.   

So many devotionals currently available take a hyper-focus on just one slice of Scripture without considering the bigger picture. As author Marian Jordan Ellis writes, that’s like walking into a movie theatre in the middle of the show, and wondering all sorts of questions: Who’s that woman? Why is everyone sad? Why are they afraid of that guy? Who’s the dude with the sword?

When we zoom out and take a look at the Bible as a whole, we see an epic tale unfolding—and a Divine Author fighting for us. “As the Bible unfolds from Genesis to Revelation,” writes Ellis, “you see God pursuing us to bring us back into His presence.”

We may have left the Garden of Eden, but God’s pursuit of us did not stop.

This 30-day journey through Scripture will show you what the Bible is all about and at the same time allow you to be awed at the echoes of Eden that are on every single page.

This is more than your average devotional. Let’s call it the modern girl’s guide to the Bible. A gift for Mother’s Day? Or a recent graduate, perhaps?

Find out more about Garden to Garden in the video below.

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Marian Jordan Ellis

About the Author

Marian Jordan Ellis is passionate about Jesus, and helping women experience the victorious Christian life. She holds a master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Marian teaches a monthly gathering (TueGather) in San Antonio, Texas, at Mission City Church, where she serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry. (These teachings can be found on YouTube @thisredeemedlife or the TRL App.) Marian’s powerful redemption testimony and her dynamic account of the grace of Christ that radically transformed her life permeates all of her writings and speaking engagements. She’s whole in Christ and ready to tell any ear that will listen! She’s the author of seven books for women, including her latest Bible study, For His Glory: Living as God’s Masterpiece, which is a verse-by-verse study of Ephesians. Marian and her husband, Justin, live in San Antonio, and they have three children:Andrew, Brenden, and Sydney.

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