So You Want to Know More About World War I?

As historians and military history buffs will tell you, when it comes to books on World War I history, there are far fewer books that cover it than books about World War II. You could probably read one great book about WWII every day for the rest of your life and not even come close to running out. But the same can probably not be said for WWI. It begs the question: Why aren’t there a zillion books about WWI, like there are about WWII?

There are probably a few reasons. One is technology: there were many advancements in cameras and film by the time WWII occurred, making it easier to document events and easier for people who want to write about WWII to learn about them. And there were more facets to the WWII, making for more stories.

But this doesn’t mean that amazing books about The Great War don’t exist. (Why was it called The Great War, you ask? Because of the large scale of the conflict.) On the contrary, some of the most incredible books about any war ever published are about WWI. So what it boils down to is quality over quantity. Which means if you’re a history buff or have always wanted to read about the first world war, you are in luck: here are 9 great books about the Great War.