Forever Reviewers and Influencers | FAQ

Q: What is the criteria to be part of Discover Forever (Forever’s Early Reader Program)?

A: We do not have any specific guidelines as to expectations for number of followers or engagement, however we do like to see active and frequent posting of book content and genuine excitement for books. Forever is looking to work with a mix of veteran and newbie creators. We also like to see that reviewers are sharing and reading a diverse selection of books from a diverse selection of voices.

Note: We will also make sure that our selection process mirrors the books we are publishing in that season.

We are looking to work with bloggers who live primarily in the United States. If you are a Canadian blogger, we urge you to reach out to to join the HBG Canada reviewer program (which includes Forever titles + titles from all of Hachette).

Q: I’m new to the Forever community. Where do I start?

A: Welcome! If you are a new Forever reader, please check out our social media platforms to get an idea of what we’re all about. (We’re @ReadForeverPub on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.) Bookmark our Ultimate Title Guide for info about our books and join our private Facebook Group! We love it there and try to drop news there first. If you have more specific questions or requests, please reach out to us:

Q: Can I email book requests to you?

A: If you are particularly excited about a title, please contact We cannot reply to all emails but we do see them. Please include why you are interested in the title, your mailing address, the name and link to your platform in the note, and whether you are using NetGalley. (If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks, we always appreciate a nudge. Don’t be shy.)

In addition to emailing about book requests, we love to hear if you are hosting a reader retreat, Little Free Library drop, or a book club moment where we could possibly share some fun for the festivities.

Q: Where can I find out about OwnVoices opportunities?

A: Last year, we moved away from using OwnVoices terminology and instead starting using the term Prioritized Reviewer. Essentially, Forever is looking to pair reviewers with books that share their identity and give these readers priority when it comes to early galleys, NetGalley access, and also finished book mailings. We create forms for titles that are vetted by our authors and keep the form open for the length of the campaign with a very specific ask at the beginning for each of our searches. In the past, we have paired books with Black reviewers, Jewish reviewers, reviewers with anxiety, and reviewers with autism. (This is just a sampling of our searches.)

These forms are open to everyone in the book community (right now, we can only mail books to reviewers in the United States) and you can find our current searches in our Title Guide. (We also do call outs on social media sometimes.) While we can’t satisfy every request, we do our best.

Q: Is there a limit to how many books you send out?

A: Yes. Reviewer copies have several uses during the campaign and we do have limited copies we can send out. If you can, we do suggest reading digitally on NetGalley (or Edelweiss for librarians and booksellers) because we have more flexibility there.

Q: I received a book I requested and I don’t like it. What should I do?

A: Leave an honest review, and send us an email if you want to discuss further. We understand that you aren’t going to like every book you receive. You can still tag us in the reviews, but please do not tag authors.

Q: I received a book and I don’t have time to read it. What should I do?

A: We truly do not expect you to review each and every book that you receive. We understand so many factors can come up. Sometimes sharing on social when you receive the book is the only action that fits your schedule and that’s fine.

Q: What can you tell us about NetGalley?

A: NetGalley is an efficient way for us to distribute digital galleys. It automatically keeps a list of who has access to the file, making it convenient for us to get in touch with you and keep track. We understand that you won’t enjoy every title, but we ask that you leave honest feedback. It helps with your feedback percentage, which is something we look at (along with reading tastes, stats, updated bio) when we sift through book requests.

Q:  Where can I get assets for my reviews?

A: There are excerpts, buy links, descriptions, and book covers available on You can find a link to each title in our Title Guide.

Q: What are best practices when it comes to sharing reviews?

A: A few things:

  • Timing: If you read a book early and want to share the love, DO IT! Early buzz and reviews are so important. We do encourage you to remind your followers about the book or reshare your review around release day too.
  • DO NOT TAG THE AUTHORS IN REVIEWS THAT ARE LESS THAN STELLAR. Reviews are for readers, not for authors (though we all appreciate the time you take to leave them). We want to protect the mental health of our authors. 
  • Hashtags: #ReadForeverPub, #AuthorsName

Q: What are some other ways we can support authors?

A: Following them on your social media platforms of choice. Don’t forget BookBub. Leaving reviews on Goodreads and online retailers is great. You can also subscribe to newsletters from your favorite authors. Word-of-mouth is HUGE; telling your followers you preordered a book is massive. We also know a lot of the work of a book lover is talking about books behind the scenes, and we love you for it!

Don’t forget to also engage with your favorite publisher’s content on social media! This is huge.

Lastly, we hope you will join Team Forever in their continued goal to be more intentional about diversifying the books they are reading, purchasing, and sharing with other book friends every month of the year. Books by marginalized authors need all of our continued support if we want to see more and more identities represented in books. (We also suggest you check out the 23For23 challenge, started by Nisha Sharma, Nikki Payne, and Adriana Herrera.)

Thank you so, so much for all you do. Your enthusiasm and support does not go unnoticed.

Last updated: November 13.