Dominic Lim

Dominic Lim (he/him) has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with music. Dominic holds a master’s from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, is an alum of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and has sung with numerous professional choral ensembles. As a proud member of the Actors’ Equity Association, he has performed Off-Broadway and in regional productions throughout the US. Although he probably shouldn’t admit to having favorites, the thrill of singing “This is the Hour” in the chorus of Miss Saigon still pops up in his dreams. Dom supports his local writing community as a member of the Writers Grotto and as a co-host of San Francisco’s Babylon Salon. He lives in Oakland with his loving and supportive partner, Peter, and their whiny cat, Phoebe.

Quito Cruz might be a genius piano player and composer in New York City now but it doesn’t mean that he’s any closer to his Broadway dream. Although Quito knows what the problem is. Or rather who. Because ever since that night in college—with pretty-boy jock Emmett Aoki—his inspiration has been completely MIA…

Now Quito’s dad wants him to put on a charity performance in his hometown. And there’s one hella big string attached: convince Emmett—now one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities—to perform.

It’s all shaping up to be the biggest musical fiasco of Quito’s life. Especially when Emmett agrees to attend, and Quito realizes that undeniable vibe between them is stronger than ever. Because there’s nothing simple about falling for a movie star… even when he’s pitch-perfect.

My husband and I are blessed to have a house in the Oakland Hills. I love to sit in the living room and read on the couch while I enjoy the view.

Kazuo Ishiguro. Not only is he the Noble Prize-winning author of some of my favorite novels, he’s also a musician!

The cast albums of some new Broadway musicals and revivals out this season—& Juliet, Some Like It Hot, Parade, and Almost Famous, as well as the NY Times/Spotify list, “5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Choral Music,” which is chock full of incredible choral recordings.

My younger brother, Mike, is an incredible cook. He makes a mean sisig–a Filipino minced pork dish served on a sizzling plate. It’s delicious.

Any X-Men fans reading will know that I’m picking the power of maybe one of the wimpiest mutants of all time: Cypher. But his power is so cool! He can instantly understand and speak any language, which I would absolutely love to be able to do.